Updated as October 28, 2020
This coming Friday, Oct 30th will be the first time we are able to parade as a squadron (at least part of it) since MARCH! I know I am very excited to actually get back to the business of cadets and having some fun!!!
In previous emails and zoom briefings, I have said a few times that when we do come back to in person training that it is going to look different. This email is going to explain what different means and how we are going to look going forward for the next bit.
The exact details of who is going where is attached to this email in a warning order, but the nuts and bolts is that because of Covid restrictions, we need to split the squadron and parade on two different evenings, which will be Mondays and Fridays. While we have decent weather we will also be doing Saturday sessions (one morning, one afternoon). The Mon/Fri evenings will be to do whatever indoor training we need to accomplish, and the Saturdays will be packed with as much fun as we can manage.
I understand that this can create some scheduling conflicts and so forth, but please do not get stressed about it. For the 2020/2021 training year, unit COs have been given a great deal of latitude in what/how training is conducted. So if something isn’t lining up, talk to us and we will do whatever we can to make things work. The important thing is we are getting back to face to face! Ok, mask to mask, but it’s still exciting!
So how are things going to look and what’s going to be different? Here we go....
1. Shooting will commence on Thursday 5 Nov. It will be a sign up process because of limitations.
2. There will be no musical training of any sort until at least 15 Jan.
3. Each person coming into the MRCC will need to do screening (screening explained in a separate paragraph below).
4. CoC must be informed if any staff or cadet tests positive for Covid 19.
5. There will be no canteen, or eating in general while doing in person cadet activities. Diabetics are of course exempted from this.
6. No outside personnel allowed in the MRCC. This means parents will need to drop the cadet off and cannot enter the building. At the end of training parents must wait outside in your cars for your cadet to come out (new recruits and their parents are exceptions to this).
7. There will be no overnight cadet activities until further notice.
8. No in-person fundraising activities until further notice.
9. There will be no organized or authorized Remembrance Day in person activities (what you do in civvies as a private citizen is up to you).
10. A Non Medical Mask (NMM) is to be worn by all pers. at all times during in person activities. If someone is unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons they will be restricted to virtual sessions only.
11. There will be no international visits, camps, exchanges (such as IACE) prior to 1 Sep.
12. Fitness assessments will be done at home. Further details to come from TrgO.
A screening tool has been implemented for all persons that come into the MRCC. When you arrive at the MRCC and come into the foyer you use your phone to scan the QR code and answer the screening questions. I know with my phone that is reasonably new, just pointing my camera at a QR code will do it, my previous phone I needed to download the QR Reader app (it’s free). If the cadet does not have this capability they just let whichever officer is at the front door know and the officer will do the scan and ask the cadet the questions. This process helps with contact tracing, satisfies Public Health and Formation concerns about screening and also works to keep track of attendance.
Being sent out in a separate email shortly will be a form for Uniform Validation. In years past, in early September we would have you bring in everything you have been issued so we could validate it. We are adjusting due to covid. This form will be completed by you and a parent to accomplish two things, first that you have every piece of your uniform and second you need to try it all on at home to make sure it fits. If it doesn’t fit, make a note of what’s amiss (are pants too short or waist is too small, etc) so you can then make arrangements with supply to exchange what you need exchanged. I’m not going to put you in your blues for the next couple of weeks anyway so you have time to accomplish this.
Hopefully we can move more and more to in person, but for the moment the dual parade night is our best option to carry on in our new normal. I hope you are as excited as I am to get back to seeing everyone.
See you soon!
Excellere Contende!
Major RA Robinson, CD
Commanding Officer
4500-1 Trg O
6419 – 62 Phantom Grimsby RCAirCS
Dist List
26 Oct 2020
1. 62 Phantom Sqn as received its authorization to return to in person training.
2.​ Cadets and Staff of 62 Sqn will participate in person training activities. In addition all Staff and Cadets will participate in optional training actives to be held on Saturdays.
3.​ Critical Dates and Related Activity
a) Starting Friday Oct 30th at 1830hrs to 2100hrs level 1,2,4 cadets will start their level mandatory training and will continue every Friday thereafter, unless otherwise advised.
b) Starting Monday Nov 2nd at 1830hrs to 2100hrs level 3,5 cadets will start their level mandatory training and will continue every Monday thereafter, unless otherwise advised.
c) Starting Saturday Oct 31st at 0900hrs to 1200hrs level 3,4,5 cadets will participate in optional training actives.
d) Starting Saturday Oct 31st at 1300hrs to 1600hrs level 1 & 2 cadets will participate in optional training actives.
- All cadets are expected to show up for their designated training times. (NOTE: cadets that for some reason are unable to attend their assigned training times are to advise Sqn staff.)
Level 1,2,4, cadets will start week three training on Oct 30th and Level 3 & 5 cadets will start week three training on Nov 2nd as published in the unit training plan. Any instructors that have question or need clarification can do so through the CoC.
Year 1 Level 5 cadets are also invited to continue to sit in on level 4 classes.
5.​ Dress for all activities will be FTUs or suitable civilian attire for cadets and CADPAT for staff. Cadets are to ensure they have appropriate weather gear i.e. hats, gloves, rain/winter coats, etc for our Saturday optional activities as we will be outside for the duration. Remember to dress in layers and come prepared based off the forecast.
Boyle CM​
Trg O
62 Phantom Sqn
Dist List
All 62 Sqn Cadets
All 62 Sqn Staff and Sponsoring Committee

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