WRO 40-19

for the week ending Thursday Jun 20th, 2019 (2nd last WRO for the year)

1. FRIDAY 14 June 19 – Squadron Flight Night Competition
This coming Friday will be the last parade night for the 2018-2019 training year as we have our annual flight night competition towards the Squadron Top Flight Award for next year.
Havoc Flight has already thrown down the gauntlet stating that next year they will take the top slot for the third consecutive year in row. Which flight out there will stand up through your esprit-de-corps and take a commanding lead in the competition.
We will see Friday night. We the staff look forward to an amazing night of fun and comradeship with a little bit of flight jeering.
Dress of the Day – Cadets – Comfortable Civilian – shorts and t-shirts are a good option

Officers – Comfortable Civilian
CI/CV – Comfortable Civilian

Cadets are reminded that if they can make the parade night they are requested to call or text the squadron cell phone of their absence with who they are, date of absence and reason why. Phone
number 289-440-2641

2. Sqn Year End Trip – Canada’s Wonderland Sunday 16 Jun 19
Attached to the WRO is the Warning Order one last time for the trip for your reference only on timings. We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Please be at the MRCC for attendance and Health Card check for 0830hrs. Please make sure you do have your health card. You need it for this activity.

3. Summer Camp Briefings
AS we come to the end of the Squadron Training Year, we turn our attention to summer training and at the squadron level that is the Yearly Summer Training Briefing. As in past years we will be holding 2 briefings and we are asking a parent and cadet be present as detailed below:
A) 1st briefing is on Tuesday 11 Jun starting at 1900hrs restricted to cadets who have attended 2 summer training sessions or more (this includes Staff Cadets) – There will be a 20 -30 min mini briefing to highlight some of the changes and paperwork requirements.
B) 2nd briefing is on Thursday 13 Jun starting at 1830hrs and is for all cadet who do not make the first and those cadets who have not attended summer camp or only have attended 1 camp previously. This is a full briefing and will last approximately 2hrs. It is designed to answer questions from parents who cadets are going to camp for the first time as well as re-familiarize cadets going to camp for the second year with the proceedures.
Cadets will receive their Joining Instructions and extra kit at the briefing…please make every effort to attend your designated briefing.
In discussion with some parents that cannot attend either briefing, there is an identified need to hold a third. So with that in mind, we will be holding our third briefing on Saturday June 15th starting at 0930hrs so not to block the whole day.

4. Cadet Summer Training Uniform Exchange Night – Monday 17 Jun
We have noticed that some the cadets are growing in leaps and bounds and require a uniform exchange in pants etc. As we normally do, the squadron will be holding 2-3 Uniform exchange Nights for those cadets going to summer camp based on departure dates. The first night is Monday 17 Jun during the Staff Administration Close out Night fro 1830-2100hrs.
The following Group of cadets have been designated for this night:
a) Staff Cadets regardless of CTC designated
b) All 6 week Summer Training Courses regardless of camp location
c) Cadets on 3 week courses going to CTC Trenton
Cadets are to try on your uniform, ensure your pants fit, your blue button shirt does not have a bad case of the “dingies”, soiled or faded. If so you can may an appointment for that night with OCdt Hannus via email at:
You may be able to make an appointment to see her this Friday Night coming if you are proactive. Any questions on uniform exchange may be directed to Ocdt Hannus. Further Uniform exchange nights will be sent out in the near future via email once the date(s) have been designated.

5. Sunset Music Series – Each Tuesday Night July and August
Once again the squadron will be assisting the Lincoln Rotary Club with the Sunset Music Series held each Tuesday on July and August. For our commitment of assisting with directing traffic and park for the event the squadron received a donation from the Lincoln Rotary Club. This year’s series with see more community sponsorship of local groups and 62 Phantom Squadron will be the Charitable Organization on the July 2nd, 9th and 30th along with August 20th and 27th. Details are still being worked out, however it is our current understanding all funds taken in via donation on those night will go to the Cadet Squadron from the Rotary Foundation.
There will be an additional email coming out later this week with more details and request for volunteers. Please consider helping out on this venture….each summer the squadron generates approximately $5K-7K in funding from Parking, the Tim Hortons Coffee Truck Donations and OPC Lottery ticket sales 🙂

Up-Coming Events
11 Jun – Sr. Cadet CTC Briefing (must have attended 2 camps previously)
13 Jun – Full Summer Camp Briefing
14 Jun – Last Parade Night for 2018/19 trg Year
16 Jun – Canada’s Wonderland Trip
17 Jun – Admin Close out – Supply Exchange Night for CTC Staff Cdts, 3 wk Trenton and 6 wk cadets.
Every Tuesday in Summer July and August – Sunset Music Series – Charles Daley Park – Jordan