WRO 38-19

Activities for the week ending Thursday Jun 13th , 2019

1. FRIDAY 31May 19 – Regular Parade Night – Annual Review Practice
This Friday we continue with training close out and practice for the Annual Review on Saturday Jun 8th. Those cadets who have outstanding PO Checks will be doing them through-out the night. Unfortunately we were unable to accomplish these last week due in part to the ongoing FTX preparations for last Saturday

Dress of the Day – Cadets – C-2B
Officers – No 3B
CI/CV – Sqn Travel Uniform

MASS BAND CADETS – Those attending 611’s ACR on Saturday are exempt from wearing your uniforms this Friday Night. Please make sure you work on them for Saturday. You need to look sharp!

A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found here.

Cadets are reminded that if they can make the parade night they are requested to call or text the squadron cell phone of their absence with who they are, date of absence and reason why. Phone number 289-440-2641

EXPANDED CANTEEN FRIDAY – we will offer Hamburgers and Ice Cream for the cadets this Friday Night. Cost of Burgers are $2

2. Summer Training/Measles and Other Contagious Viruses – From last week’s WRO
We are being asked to continue to cascade this information until the start of summer training. NEW is an official Letter from the Commanding Officer Central Region on the Topic. It replaces the sqn Letter. We are sure that most if not all parents have been informed via news media the recent outbreak of Measles in the United States as well as confirmed cases in the Ontario. While Public Health is addressing each case individually, there is a responsibility for all in taking steps to prevent the contraction of the virus.

DND Medical has issued instructions to Region Commanding Officers and Summer Training Site Commanding Officers of steps to be followed as well as instructions regarding Summer Training for 2019. Please see the Letter for Cadet Families attached in the email from the Commanding Officer regarding this matter and some vaccination information. This letter also serves as a vaccination reminder for all cadet families. New this year, Cadets will be asked to have a copy of their Immunization Record Book when attending summer training. While the letter is just a part of our communication on the item, Staff are available to discuss the full content with each family should you have any further questions. During the Summer Training Briefing, the CO or designate will communicate further the full communication from region. This is your opportunity to address your son or daughters individual immunization to ensure they are up to date on all immunizations as applicable to ensure their safety. Cadet families that have already been accepted to summer training may be receiving a letter directly from the Commander Central Region on the Topic.

3. Gliding – Flying Famil – 01 Jun 2019
Included in the Cover email is the Warning Order for this weekend’s Gliding session. Due to wet conditions in St. Catharines, the cadets will be going to the Niagara Central Airport in Welland. The following cadets are to report to the MRCC for 0730hrs on Saturday:

  • Vaderkolk
  • Bajwa (F)
  • O’Donnell
  • Clitheroe
  • Jankowski M and Jenn
  • Campbell-Gerhards
  • Fry
  • MacDonnell Kate
  • James
  • Bridger V
  • Quirk F
  • Lewis Gunn
  • Gourley

There are still 5 slots available….those interested are to email Major Leonard ASAP. Like any session for gliding, we are in need of parent drivers to and from the airport. Please advise Major Leonard if you are able to assist.

4. Annual Review Practice Lunch
The Support Committee is looking for some help with the Annual Review Practice lunch on Saturday 08 Jun 19.
As we are nearing the end of our 2018/2019 Cadet training year we are planning our Annual Review Ceremonies. The Cadets are working hard preparing for this major event. They have worked hard all season and have a lot to be proud
of. On Saturday June 8th, we will be serving a pizza lunch to all the cadets and staff at the area. The SSC is looking for parental assistance with this lunch. We are looking for salads, fruit trays, veggie trays, and drinking boxes.

If this is something that your family would like to contribute please either reply by email to me, ssc@62phantomaircadets.ca, or sign up on a Friday night, or have your cadet sign up for you.

All items can be brought to the arena on the morning of the 8th when your cadet arrives. Please clearly label your bowls, trays, etc, to be picked up after the reviewing event at the area. Once again thank you for your assistance in helping and supporting the cadets in all they do.

5. Annual Review and Annual Awards Banquet – Saturday 08 Jun 19
The biggest parade of the year will occur on Saturday 08 Jun 19 from 1330 -1600hrs at the Grimsby Peach King Centre with our 14th Anniversary Annual Ceremonial Review. This is the culmination of the cadet training year and is a mandatory parade for all cadets. The Waring Order has been published for the ACR and is attached to the cover once again. All cadets should plan on keeping their calendar clear for this date from 0830-0000hrs for both the Review and Awards Banquet. Official email invitation is attached to this WRO cover.

Please RSVP as instructed in the invite if you have a large party and need reserved seating. The Year End Awards Banquet will occur immediately following the review at the MRCC from 1800hrs followed by a cadet dance until 0000hrs.

Tickets for the Awards Banquet will go on sale shortly and will be available from the Squadron Support Committee. Cost is $25 per person; cadets are FREE as this is a mandatory function for them. We, unfortunately, have to limit each family to two tickets until Friday, May 31. If you would care for more than 2 tickets, please let the SSC know when you purchase the first two and your name will be placed on a waiting list on a first reserved first sold basis.

Graduating Cadets, you may purchase up to 4 initially until 24 May…after that date you will be subject to first come first serve. The SSC will have a list of Graduating cadets on Friday. Tickets went on sale a few weeks ago. This Friday Night will be the last opportunity to purchase tickets as we need to advise the catering company of numbers on Monday. Attached to the WRO is the Official EMAIL Invitation to the WRO should you wish to invite relatives, friends or those who you know may be interested in Air Cadets.

6. Sqn Year End Trip – Canada’s Wonderland Sunday 16 Jun 19
Attached to the WRO is the Warning Order for the trip. Cost incl. busing, Park Entry, Light Pizza Lunch, Buffet Supper is $47.00 Permission Forms and Money are due at the same time. Deadline is Friday 07 Jun 2019 to bring in your forms. Cadets already signed up are guaranteed a slot…there are an additional 13 places available for interested cadets. Cadets who have funds in their Virtual Bank my use those funds for this trip. See Major Leonard for your bank balances. A list of cadets with balances are attached to the cover email. See the WRO for more information.

7. Combined Band and Drill Annual Practice
For the coming weeks, we will be having a combined Band and Annual Review practice at the MRCC in support of annual review. Both Drill Teams, Both Bands are requested to attend each Wednesday until Annual Review from 1830-2100hrs. There is an additional practice scheduled for Monday Jun 3rd as well.

8. Squadron Mass Band – 611 Sqn Annual Review
This is a reminder to all band cadets, you are playing for Capt Durward and 611 Squadron at their ACR this coming Saturday. More information is on the Band Facebook page. Please make every effort to be present for this important date.

9. Summer Camp Briefings
As we come to the end of the Squadron Training Year, we turn our attention to summer training and at the squadron level that is the Yearly Summer Training Briefing. As in past years we will be holding 2 briefings and we are asking a parent and cadet be present as detailed below:
A) 1st briefing is on Tuesday 11 Jun starting at 1900hrs restricted to cadets who have attended 2 summer training sessions or more (this includes Staff Cadets)
B) 2nd briefing is on Thursday 13 Jun starting at 1830hrs and is for all cadet who do not make the first and those cadets who have not attended summer camp or only have attended 1 camp previously.Cadets will receive their Joining Instructions and extra kit at the briefing…please make every effort to attend your designated briefing so that staff do not need to hold a 3rd or 4th briefing.

10. MRCC Maintenance and Clean-up Day – Saturday 01 Jun 19 – 0900hrs until Jack’s Lunch Time
Jack O’Brien (our maintenance manager) is planning a Spring work day for this Saturday June 1st starting at 9am. He would appreciate whatever time people can contribute with about 10-15 tasks as part of our Spring clean up. A full list was posted to Facebook earlier this week. A pulled pork Lunch is provided to those volunteering. With the notion many hands make light work, if you have some time to assist in our sweat equity campaign; Jack will be surely appreciative. If you have any questions, please talk with him on Friday Night. Thank you in advance for your assistance 🙂

Up-Coming Events
01 Jun – Gliding St. Catharines – 20 Cadets
01 Jun – Band – 611 ACR – Dunnville
08 Jun – Annual Ceremonial Review – Peach King Centre
11 Jun – Sr. Cadet CTC Briefing (must have attended 2 camps previously)
13 Jun – Full Summer Camp Briefing
14 Jun – Last Parade Night for 2018/19 trg Year
16 Jun – Canada’s Wonderland Trip
17 Jun – Admin Close out – Supply Exchange Night for CTC Staff Cdts, 3 wk Trenton and 6 wk cadets.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to me at leondave@sympatico.ca or 905-945-2893.