WRO 33-19

Activities for the week ending Thursday May 9th, 2019

This week we continue to have regularly scheduled classes for the Level one and two cadets. All Level 3 and above cadets will be required to complete a “DUTY” tagging session in lieu of training this week. To that end, all level 3 and above cadets are requested to arrive at the MRCC for their duty session as close to 1745hrs as possible in C-2 dress with their outer parka in the event Mother Nature does not cooperate. The Command Team and listed instructors are exempt from the Duty Tagging Session as they have duties back at the LHQ. Tagging – Sat and Sun April 27th and 28th – Air Cadet Tagging is one of our major fundraisers and will be taking place this weekend. A Detailed WARNING ORDER has been published with this WRO. All Cadets are to review this document and become familiar with its contents. As a reminder, all cadets must full fill the 2 session requirement over the course of the weekend. Cadets on the Duty Tagging Friday are reminded that this session doesn’t count towards your two sessions.

PARENTS: We do require parent support for drivers for the weekend. As of last week, we are extremely short parent support for this activity/fundraising venture. Without your support, we may not be able to send the cadets out, please if you have time this weekend, come out and support the squadron. Parent drivers will be required to provide their Valid Ontario Driver’s Licence and Proof of vehicle insurance (which we will copy) to be covered under the Air Cadet League while assisting. All Signup lists will be out on Friday night at closing parade.

Dress of the Day – Cadets – C-2
Officers – 3B/C
CI/CV – Sqn Civilian Uniform

A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the cadets Tab of the squadron Web site: ww.62phantomaircadets.ca. Cadets are reminded that if they can’t make the parade night they are requested to call or text the squadron cell phone of their absence with who they are, date of absence and reason why. Phone number 289-440-2641

2. Drill Team with Arms and With-out Arms Practices Going Forward and Region Comp
With only a few short weeks before the both the Drill Team with Arms and the Drill Team without arms will proceed to the Region Band and Drill Competition to be held at Canadian Forces Base Borden on the weekend of 04-05 May 2019; cadets are reminded to try and make all team practices as scheduled below. We cannot impress upon all team members the need to try and be present at each of these practices designated for your teams. Even one person missing throws the practice off.

Monday April 22nd (Easter Monday) – Both Teams will practice 1 – 4 pm (discuss with CI Biggs if in conflict)
Tuesday April 23rd – Both Teams will practice 6:30-9pm
Tuesday April 30th – Both Teams will practice 6:30 – 9 pm
Wednesday May 1st – Drill Team with Arms ONLY Practice 6:30-9pm

At this time we have no other information related to bussing, meals, accommodations, timings or dates from Region. As soon as that information comes out a Warning Order will be published ASAP. Cadets should be prepared to spend an overnight in Borden but that has not been confirmed as of yet. Questions or concerns, please address with CI Biggs directly.

3. Open Range Nights –
Will resume on Thursday May 2nd with only 2 more range nights for this training year. Our last night will be Thurs. May 9th.

4. Squadron Turkey Shoot – Saturday 11 May 2019
No live turkeys will be used during this event
On Saturday 11 May 2019, the Training Staff will be bringing back a fun activity for cadets and parents as they team up to be the top shot during our Squadron Turkey Shoot. This activity which was cancelled for the last two years due to conflicts in the schedule will once again allow cadets and parents bragging rights for the next year. The “Turkey Shoot” will comprise of 4 disciplines, Grouping Turkey Targets, Biathlon Targets, Mystery Turkey Shoot and Wii Sports electronic Turkey shoot game. Totals of all four will make up the winners. Unlike last year’s where there was a $10 entry fee per team, in order to generate interest, there is no fee. A Warning Order for the event will be published over the next couple of days.

5. Warrant Officer Merit Review Boards – Postponed
Unfortunately due to staffing issues on 11 May, the WO Boards will be postponed. Once a date has been confirmed, an email will be sent out to the FSgts and above.

6. Squadron Spring FTX – 24- 26 May 2019 – Military Skills Competition
The squadron is planning a Spring FTX 24-25 May 2019 where the cadets will complete at flights in applying the knowledge they have learned from the Fall FTX. This is the opportunity for those who missed the fall FTX to gain credit for their level requirements by attending this FTX. Staff are working on the Operations and Warning orders and hopefully more information will be published later this week.

7. Gliding – Flying Famil – 12 May and 01 Jun 2019
The last two gliding sessions for the 2018/19 Training Calendar are 12 May and 01 Jun 2019. Sign up lists will be posted for both sessions in the coming week. Cadets interested are to ensure you name is on the list. Band Cadets, due to 611 Dunnville’s ACR that you are playing at, you are restricted to 12 May only and preference will be given to band cadets who sign up.

8. Annual Review and Annual Awards Banquet – Saturday 08 Jun 19
The biggest parade of the year will occur on Saturday 08 Jun 19 from 1330 -1600hrs at the Grimsby Peach King Center with our 14th Anniversary Annual Ceremonial Review. This is the culmination of the cadet training year and is a mandatory parade for all cadets. A Warning Order for this date will be out shortly, however all cadets should plan on keeping their calendar clear for this date from 0830-0000hrs for both the Review and Awards Banquet. Official email invitations will be sent out shortly and we hope that all families can attend. Please RSVP as instructed in the invite. The Year End Awards Banquet will occur immediately following the review at the MRCC from 1800hrs followed by a cadet dance until 0000hrs. Tickets for the Awards Banquet will go on sale shortly and will be available from the Squadron Support Committee. Cost is $25 per person, cadets are FREE as this is a mandatory function for them. We unfortunately have to limit each family to two tickets until Friday May 31st. If you would care for more than 2 tickets, please let the SSC know when you purchase the first two and your name will be placed on a waiting list on a first reserved first sold basis. The Warning Order for this event will be published in the coming weeks.

9. Sqn Year End Trip – Canada’s Wonderland Sunday 16 Jun 19
We are planning a year end recreational trip to Canada’s Wonderland on Sunday 16 Jun. While the final cost of the trip has not been finalized, a sign up list will be put out shortly to see what interest is in the sqn. This trip will be subsidized by the Squadron Support Committee. Squadron staff and SSC are conferring on the level of financial support each cadet will receive based on cadet individual participation and the over-all week’s tagging results/cadet participation as well as final cost for the trip.

From Monday April 15th and lasting until Friday May 17th, Grimsby Mountain Road has restricted access from Main St West to Ridge Road West. With this restricted access, it is suggested that you use one of the following for travel to and from the MRCC: For those coming from Beamsville and live on the East side of Grimsby, it is suggested you take Park Rd. S. to the top of the Mountain to Elm Tree Rd. E. to Mountain Rd. to the MRCC. For those coming from the West Side of Grimsby areas West of Casablanca Rd, it is suggested you take Wolverton Rd up the Mountain to Ridge Rd. W. to the MRCC.

Up-Coming Events
25-28 Apr – Air Cadet Tagging
03 May – CO’s Parade – Extended Canteen
04-05 May – NGTA Band and Drill Comp
05 May – Battle of the Atlantic Parade
11 May – Sqn Turkey Shoot
11 May – WO2 Board – Postponed due staffing considerations….date TBA
12 May – Gliding St. Catharines – 20 Cadets
24-26 May – Spring FTX – Military Skills Comp
25 May – 50 Point Sail Past
01 Jun – Gliding St. Catharines – 20 Cadets
01 Jun – Band – 611 ACR – Dunnville
08 Jun – Annual Ceremonial Review – Peach King Centre
12 Jun – Sr. Cadet CTC Briefing
13 Jun – Full Summer Camp Briefing
14 Jun – Last Parade Night for 2018/19 Trg Year
16 Jun – Canada’s Wonderland Trip – Tentative
17 Jun – Admin Close out – Supply Exchange Night for CTC Staff Cdts, 3 wk Trenton and 6 wk cadets

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to me at leondave@sympatico.ca or 905-945-2893.