WRO 32-19

Activities for the week ending Thursday April 25th, 2019

This Thursday Night is our Air Cadet Fitness Testing session number 4. There are a number of you that still need to do your testing. Just a reminder that the first fitness test you do is always a baseline and is not part of your assessment.
Dress of the Day – Cadets – PT/GYM CLOTHING
CI/CV – PT CLOTHING/ Sqn Civilian Uniform
A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the cadets Tab of the squadron Website: www.62phantomaircadets.ca
Cadets are reminded that if they can’t make the parade night they are requested to call or text the squadron cell phone of their absence with who they are, date of absence and reason why. Phone number 289-440-2641

1. Drill Team with Arms and With-out Arms Practices Going Forward and Region Comp
It has been decided that both the Drill Team with Arms and the Drill Team without arms will proceed to the Region Band and Drill Competition to be held at Canadian Forces Base Borden on the weekend of 04-05 May 2019. At this time we have no other information related to bussing, meals, accommodations, timings or dates from Region. As soon as that information comes out a Warning Order will be published ASAP. With that in mind there is a lot of work each team needs to accomplish in perfecting their routines. After a discussion with CI Biggs last night the following schedule will be followed with respect to practices leading up to the competition:
Monday April 22nd (Easter Monday) – Both Teams will practice 1 – 4 pm (discuss with CI Biggs if in conflict)
Tuesday April 23rd – Both Teams will practice 6:30-9pm
Tuesday April 30th – Both Teams will practice 6:30 – 9 pm
Wednesday May 1st – Drill Team with Arms ONLY Practice 6:30-9pm
We cannot impress upon all team members the need to try and be present at each of these practices designated four your teams. Even one person missing throws the practice off. Questions or concerns, please address with CI Biggs directly.

2. Open Range Nights
There will be no range on Thursday 18 April as that is our alternate parade night nor will there be range on Thursday 25 April due to Air Cadet Tagging.

From Monday April 15th and lasting until Friday May 17th, Grimsby Mountain Road has restricted access from Main St West to Ridge Road West. With this restricted access, it is suggested that you use one of the following for travel to and from the MRCC:
For those coming from Beamsville and live on the East side of Grimsby, it is suggested you take Park Rd. S. to the top of the Mountain to Elm Tree Rd. E. to Mountain Rd. to the MRCC.
For those coming from the West Side of Grimsby areas West of Casablanca Rd, it is suggested you take Wolverton Rd up the Mountain to Ridge Rd. W. to the MRCC.

4. Air Cadet Tagging Sessions – WARNING NOTIFICATION
The week of April 25, 26, 27, 28, the squadron will be doing their Spring Tagging Session to raise funds for Squadron Operations. Each cadet is reminded that they are required to do 2 sessions over the course of the weekend which does not include the Friday Night session for level 3 and above. Sign-up sheets will be out this Friday night for both cadet sign up and parent drivers. Mom’s and Dad’s, we really need your assistance with this event in the way of drivers.

Up-Coming Events
18 Apr – Alternate Parade night due to Good Friday
25-28 Apr – Air Cadet Tagging
03 May – CO’s Parade – Extended Canteen
04-05 May – NGTA Band and Drill Comp
05 May – Battle of the Atlantic Parade
11 May – Sqn Turkey Shoot
11 May – WO2 Board
12 May – Gliding St. Catharines – 20 Cadets
24-26 – Spring FTX – Military Skills Comp
25 May – 50 Point Sail Past
01 June – Gliding St. Catharines – 20 Cadets
08 June – Annual Ceremonial Review – Peach King Centre
16 June – Canada’s Wonderland Trip – Tentative