WRO 28-19

Activities for the week ending Thursday April 4th, 2019

1. FRIDAY 22 Mar 19 – Regular Parade Night
This Friday night we resume regular scheduled training as per the WRO portion of the Message of the week.

  • Dress of the Day – Cadets – C-2
  • Officers – 3A/3C
  • CI/CV – Sqn Civilian Uniform

A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the cadets Tab of the squadron
Web site: www.62phantomaircadets.ca
Cadets are reminded that if they can make the parade night they are requested to call or text the squadron cell phone of their absence with who they are, date of absence and reason why.
Phone number 289-440-2641
2. Drill Team with Arms and With-out Arms Practices
We will be continuing with both teams practicing on Tuesday Nights until the NAG Drill Competition to be held at the MRCC on 13 April 19. There is a need to round out the Drill Team w/o arms team with a few more cadets. If interested please come out to the practice this week.Practice this weeks is Tuesday 23 March commencing at 1830hrs.
3. Open Range Nights
Starting this Thursday the Cadet Range is open to all squadron cadets that have completed their Range Safety Course or Re-certified on the range.
Marksmanship training starts at 1830 and ends at 2100hrs
Staff have tentatively planned next Monday 25th March for an initial Cadet Marksmanship Course. All new cadets who have not completed this course are requested to attend from 6:30-9pm Dress is
Civilian clothing. Confirmation of the course will be announced on Friday Night.
4. Sgts Leadership Training Day (level 4 cadets) (and Level 5 cadets returning)
This is an advisory to all Sgts/level 4 cadets that we intend to hold a one day Professional Leadership day on Saturday 23 March at the MRCC for all cadets’ level 4 and above to discuss professional and situational leadership as you move towards being the cadets in charge next year. Classes are intended to start at 0900hrs and continue until 1700hrs. Lunch will be provided, canteen will be open. More to follow from the TrgO in March
5. Squadron Easter Food Drive
We are continuing our Squadron Food Drive until Friday 29 March, in support of the three local Food Banks located in Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln. We are asking that cadets each Friday Night bring in one Non-Perishable food item as a “TARRIF” for attending cadets. The “FOOD TARRIF” IS NOT MANDATORY BUT ONLY SUGGESTED!! Cadets will be instructed to form up in their flight with the food item(s). When attendance is taken; an extra flight point will be given for each cadet who brings in a food item and extra merit points will be
awarded to those cadets who participate for 50% of the time, 75% of the time and 100% of the time. (Flight Officers will need to help track!!!) Cadets may designate which community their food donation is applied to by placing it in a specified designated area each week.
6. AAA Aviation EXPO – Jazz Hangar – Pearson Airport – 14 Apr 19
On Saturday 14 April, 62 Sqn will be attending an aviation Expo being held at the Jazz Hanger at Pearson Airport. On hand will be companies from all aspects of aviation so that the cadets can
mingle with the vendors on hand to find out more information on what is available in the aviation market in the way of employment, education institutions, etc. While we do not have specific timings as of yet, 62 Sqn will be attending with a bus of cadets to a maximum of 40. Ideally this trip is restricted to Level 4 and above. On April 5th we will open any open slots to the rest of the squadron focusing on those who participated in Flying Scholarship first then the rest of the squadron. Ocdt Hannus is the OIC. A sign-up sheet will be available this Friday for those interested. More info in the coming weeks.
7. Air Cadet Gliding Session – 40 Cadets – 13 Apr 19
The first of three Gliding Sessions will occur on Saturday 13 Apr 19. There are 20 slots available in the AM and 20 slots available in the PM. Sign-up sheet for both sessions will be available this Friday for those interested with selected cadet’s announcements on 05 Apr. OIC TBA
8. Alternate Parade Night WARNING
Due to the upcoming Easter holiday (Good Friday), we will be parading on Thursday 18 Apr in lieu of the Friday Night.
9. Air Cadet Tagging Sessions – WARNING NOTIFICATION
The week of April 25, 26, 27, 28 April, the squadron will be doing their Spring Tagging Session to raise funds for Squadron Operations. Each cadet is reminded that they are required to do 2 sessions over the course of the weekend which does not included the Friday Night session for level 3 and above.

Sign-up sheets will be out shortly for both cadet sign up and parent drivers. Mom’s and Dad’s, we
really need your assistance with this event in the way of drivers.

Up-Coming Events
23 Mar – Sgt Leadership Day – MRCC
25 Mar – New Cadet Marksmanship Training – MRCC
30 Mar – Wing 10 ES Comp – Lakeview School Grimsby
05 Apr – CO’s Parade – Extended Canteen
06 Apr – NAG Band and Drill Comp MRCC
13 Apr – Gliding St. Catharines 40 cadets
14 Apr – AAA Aviation EXPO Pearson Airport
18 Apr – Alternate Parade night Due Good Friday
25-28 Apr – Air Cadet Tagging
03 May – CO’s Parade – Extended Canteen
04-05 May – NGTA Band and Drill Comp
05 May – Battle of the Atlantic Parade
11 May – Sqn Turkey Shoot
11 May – WO2/WO1 Board
12 May – Gliding St. Catharines – 20 Cadets
25 May – 50 Point Sail Past

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to me at leondave@sympatico.ca or 905-945-