WRO 24-25 19

For the week ending Thursday March 7th, 2019

1. Commanding Officer Vacation
This is a notification that Major Leonard will be away on holiday from Friday 15 Feb until approximately Wednesday 27 Feb and will have limited access to email and telephone. If you have questions that can wait until I return, please refrain from emailing until the 27th Feb.
During that time, Captain Richard Robinson is the Acting Commanding Officer. In the event of an emergency, he can be reached at 905-359-2320 or 62stormtroopers@gmail.com.
As a result of the CO’s absence, this WRO will cover the next 2 and 3 weeks of activities.

2. FRIDAY 15 February 2019 and Friday 22 February 2019 – Regular Parade Night
We continue with regular training these two evenings as listed in the WRO portion.
Level 3 cadets that need to make up or re-write their Aviation Exam will be completing this with CI Biggs during 1st period on Friday 15 Feb.
Dress of the Day – Cadets – No.3

Officers – C-2 (ribbons)
CI/CV – Sqn Civilian Uniform

Cadets are reminded that if they can make the parade night they are requested to call or text the squadron cell phone of their absence with who they are, date of absence and reason why.
Phone number 289-440-2641

3. Friday 01 March 2019 – Commanding Officer’s Parade – Recruit Swear In
On Friday 01 March during closing parade we will be swearing in the remaining cadets in our recruit flight. Parents of those cadets are invited to attend to stand with them as they are sworn in. A special invitation email will go to those cadets the week of 27 Feb.

4. Drill Team with Arms and With-out Arms Practices
Starting on Tuesday 19 Feb and continuing until Tuesday 05 Feb, both the Drill Team With Arms and the Drill Team with-out Arms will be doing their practices on the same nights from 1830-2100hrs.

5. NAG ES COMP vs WING 10 ES Comp
This is a notification that the NAG ES Comp Scheduled on Saturday 23 Feb has been cancelled. Due to a re-alignment of squadrons, 62 Sqn is now part of a bigger area known as Wing 10. One of the changes as a result of this re-alignment is that the NAG ES Comp has been folded in to a new competition for 10 Wing.
The 10 Wing Comp will be held on Saturday 30 March at Lakeview School in Grimsby, hosted by the Ontario Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League. The second change is that only one cadet per squadron is able to attend. With the result of Cpl Graham winning our Sqn Comp, she will be the designated cadet.

6. March Break 2019
We know that a lot of you are questioning what is going on with the March Break Trip. We have been trying to get answers regarding approvals for some time with a final approvals sent to Ottawa a few weeks ago. While we still do not have the “green light” to proceed, staff are taking steps to proceed with the trip with anticipation of the approval coming while the CO is away on vacation.
The total maximum cost for the trip will be $555.00 minus the $100 already paid and the SSC is providing a $100 Subsidy to all cadets/staff bringing the final amount down to $355.00. Cadets attending the March break will be sent a final bill the week of Feb 25th directly from Major Leonard. A detailed Final Warning Order will also be published with the final bill.

7. Squadron Zone Shoot Marksmanship Team
Final Team members will be announced at tonight’s practice including designated spares for the Competition to be held on Saturday 02 March 19. Questions may be directed to Lt Vaughan and Maj Diehl Ret’d this evening following the practice.

8. Squadron Calendar of Events March and April 2019
We have once again attached an updated Calendar of Events for March and April 2019. Once again, all events on the calendar are tentative until published in the WRO.

9. Sgts Leadership Training Day (level 4 cadets) (and Level 5 cadets returning)
This is an advisory to all Sgts/level 4 cadets that we intend to hold a one day Professional Leadership day on Saturday 23 March at the MRCC for all cadets’ level 4 and above to discuss professional and situational leadership as you move towards being the cadets in charge next year.
Classes are intended to start at 0900hrs and continue until 1700hrs. Lunch will be provided, canteen will be open. More to follow from the TrgO in March

10. Lord Strathcona Trust Medal and Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence
A special email was put out last week regarding his topic. Should you have any questions please see either Ocdt Leonard or Ocdt Vickers. Nomination forms and narratives are to be hand delivered to OCdt Leonard by Friday 22 February. Once all nominations have been received a board will sit to review the Nominations and the selected cadets will be advised during our Annual Parade in June.

11. Squadron Easter Food Drive – We are continuing our Squadron Food Drive
until Friday 29 March, in support of the three local Food Banks located in Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln.
We are asking that cadets each Friday Night bring in one Non-Perishable food item as a “TARRIF” for attending cadets. The “FOOD TARRIF” IS NOT MANDATORY BUT ONLY SUGGESTED!!
Cadets will be instructed to form up in their flight with the food item(s). When attendance is taken; an extra flight point will be given for each cadet who brings in a food item and extra merit points will be awarded to those cadets who participate for 50% of the time, 75% of the time and 100% of the time. (Flight Officers will need to
help track!!!) Cadets may designate which community their food donation is applied to by placing it in a specified designated area each week.

Up-Coming Events
16 Feb – Special Range Team Practice #4
01 Mar – Extended Canteen
02 Mar – Zone Marksmanship Championship Range Competition – St. Catharines
04 Mar – Staff and Command Team Meeting
08 Mar – ACFT – Gym Clothing
10-14 Mar – March Break Trip
23 Mar – Sgt Leadership Day – MRCC
30 Mar – Wing 10 ES Comp – Lakeview School Grimsby

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to me at leondave@sympatico.ca or 905-945-

Major/Major David Thomas Leonard, CD
Commanding Officer, 62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets
Canadian Armed Forces
David.Leonard@cadets.gc.ca/ Tel: (H) 905-945-2893 (C) 416-521-5999 (Sqn) 289-440-2641

Commandant, Escadron 62 “Grimsby Phantom”, Des Cadets de l’Aviation Royale du Canada (ECARC)
Forces Armées Canadiennes
David.Leonard@cadets.gc.ca/ Tel: (H) 905-945-2893 (C) 416-521-5999 (Sqn) 289-440-2641