RO 15-20

WRO #15 AND Activities for the Week Ending Thurs 19 Dec 2019

1. FRIDAY PARADE NIGHT – Squadron Dining In – 13 Dec 19
Dress for the Evening:

Cadets: C2
Officers: 2B or Mess Kit
CI/CV: Semi-Formal/Formal

Parents/Guests: Semi-Formal (Jacket & Tie or equivalent – no jeans please)

A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the “References” tab on the Squadron Website:

NOTE: Cadets not able to attend are to call or text the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message with their name and why they will not be at cadets.

Please note that the Dining In is still a mandatory parade night for all cadets and they should try to be there for the dinner and awards. Following the Dining In portion of the dinner, cadets will be having their Annual Christmas Dance which will end at Midnight. Cadets, please remember that the dance is a cadet function and, as such, is governed by military standards in the areas of both dress and decorum. The dress for the dance is Formal/Semi-Formal Attire. No jeans, t-shirts, spaghetti straps, skin-tight attire or backless dresses will be permitted. Skirt length must reach the top of the knee. Cadets who do not adhere to the dress standards will be asked to change back into their uniforms for the duration of the dance.
Keeping in mind that this is a formal dinner for our cadets, there is an attachment to this week’s WRO on proper etiquette and behaviour expected from ALL cadets. If there are any questions regarding the Dining In, please contact OCdt Hannus at 905-328-8752 or

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be easy to forget that not everyone is fortunate enough to be home for Christmas. With this in mind, Canada Post has an amazing program that sends Christmas Cards to “ANY CANADIAN FORCES MEMBER” who may be serving overseas. We are asking every one of you to bring in at least one Christmas / Holiday card on the parade nights approaching our Christmas stand down to send to a Forces Member. Please feel free to fill out the card with your name (or family members’ names, etc…) and mention that you are an air cadet of 62 Squadron. Keep in mind that any Canadian Forces Member can receive your card, so please keep the subject of your message as general as possible.

Please address envelopes to:

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member
PO Box 5140 Stn Forces
Belleville ON, K8N 5W6

Please make sure cards have an ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE and give them to WO1 Clouser. Flight points will be awarded if every cadet from that flight brings at least one card!


OCdt Hannus is the OIC of verifying and validating high school volunteer hours. Please see the attached document for detailed instructions on how to submit your request for volunteer hours. Please do not submit your request for volunteer hours. Please do not submit your request for any volunteer hours until after Tuesday, 17 Dec 19 (the date of the GBF Food Move). You will compile all your volunteer hours onto one sheet and submit them as a group. This is so OCdt Hannus does not receive multiple requests from each cadet every time there is a poppy session, Remembrance Day parade, etc.

This Monday marks our very first Sports Night of this calendar year at Centennial Park Baptist Church (11 Kennedy Road, Grimsby) from 1830-2100hrs. While this is the only Sports Night scheduled until Stand Up in January, we are hoping for maximum turn out for this fun night! There is no previous experience required, and dress is appropriate civilian clothing. Any questions can be directed to OCdt Fry at

6. GBF FOOD MOVE – 17 DEC 2020
The sign-up sheet will still be available Friday night following the Dinner portion of the Dining In for those cadets who may be interested. Timings for the Food Move are approximately 1600 (or as close as you can with school timings)- 1900hrs. The drop off point is Trinity United Church (100 Main Street West, Grimsby) with pick up at GBF. Once all the work is completed, GBF will provide dinner for the cadets volunteering. If any parents are able to help with transporting food from the church to GBF, please let us know. Community service hours are available.

More information to follow on Effective Speaking once dates and coordinating instructions are released.

During the course of a cadet’s career, they are eligible for several honours and awards through various levels of government, committees, summer training, and at the squadron level.

Two awards in particular are very prestigious in nature, and are only awarded once a year to two deserving cadets (one per medal) – if in fact a deserving cadet is found within the squadron.
These two awards are:

a. Lord Strathcona Trust Medal: awarded for leadership and physical fitness
b. Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence: awarded for leadership and citizenship

Normally, the two recipients are nominated in other squadrons by the squadron staff to the Commanding Officer for consideration. Since 62 is such a large unit, sometimes a deserving candidate is not always visible or known to the staff. As such, around this time we invite the general squadron to assist us in becoming aware of potential candidates. Should you wish to nominate yourself or another cadet in the squadron, attached to this email is general information on both and the requirements to be eligible.

If you feel that there is a cadet at the squadron worthy of receiving this award, please send a nomination letter to with the name of the medal and the name of the cadet you’re nominating in the subject line (ex: Legion Medal – Sgt Smith). Nominations will be received NLT 17 Jan 2020. Please keep nominations to one page or less, outlining the cadet’s responsibilities and why they make a good candidate.


Did You Know?

Any empty alcohol containers from parents can be donated to the Sqn – just drop them off next to the telephone booth by the coatroom and we will return to the Beer Store. Also, 62 collects Canadian Tire money! (You know, the old CT bills that collect in the bottom of your junk drawers?) This donation helps the squadron purchase any number of items and is very much appreciated.


Fri 10 JanParade Night
Sat 11 JanSqn Bowl-a-Thon

Should you have any questions, please contact us
OCdt. Julianne Fry
Assistant Training Officer
62 Phantom Squadron