RO 14-20

WRO #14 AND Activities for the Week Ending Thurs 12 Dec 2019

1. FRIDAY PARADE NIGHT – Commanding Officer’s Parade – 6 Dec 19

Dress for the Evening:

Cadets: C1
Officers: 1A
CI/CV: Sqn Civilian

A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found here.

NOTE: Cadets not able to attend are to call or text the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message with their name and why they will not be at cadets.

Over the last few weeks, summer training selections were done by cadets at the squadron. If you DID NOT attend cadets last week please see OCdt Fry this Friday – even if you don’t intend on going to camp this summer. Additionally, any information regarding summer camp courses being offered can be found in past WROs (#8).

A rough itinerary of the previous March Break Trip has been attached to this week’s WRO, as well as some additional information that must be submitted WITH the first deposit of $200 which is due this Friday. Deposits will not be accepted without it. The confirmed dates for this year’s trip to Washington, DC are 14-19 March 2020.

The sign up sheet for the upcoming Christmas Parades in Grimsby will be out again this Friday – Warning Order has been attached to this week’s WRO.

Personal invitations to the Squadron Annual Christmas Dining In were sent home to all parents of cadets who were present at the Parade Nights. We hope that some of you come and join in fellowship with the squadron to meet SSC and staff members and mingle with other parents and have a great time. If you have not yet received an invitation, please see the SSC ticket window this Friday evening at closing parade.

Dress for the Dining In portion of the evening is C2 (dress regulations on Sqn website).

Following the Dining In portion of the dinner, cadets will be having their Annual Christmas Dance which will end at Midnight. Cadets, please remember that the dance is a cadet function and, as such, is governed by military standards in the areas of both dress and decorum. The dress for the dance is Formal/Semi-Formal Attire. No jeans, t-shirts, spaghetti straps, skin-tight attire or backless dresses will be permitted. Skirt length must reach the top of the knee. Cadets who do not adhere to the dress standards will be asked to change back into their uniforms for the duration of the dance.

Please take note that the Dining In is still a mandatory Parade night for the cadets. We will be canvassing the cadets on Friday 06 Dec to verify who is attending the Dinner. While the cadet meals are free, two years ago (due in part to weather) 30 + meals were paid for cadets that did not show. We would like to make sure we do not waste those funds once again this year. CADETS, YOU MUST KNOW IF YOU WILL BE AT THE DINNER ON THE 13TH. YOU WILL BE ASKED
THIS FRIDAY – PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE A DEFINITIVE ANSWER. Cadets will be expected to sit with their parents. Tickets for parents and non-cadets are $20, 62 Sqn Cadets – FREE.
Please see the SSC at the end of the parade night for tickets. This Friday 06 December 19 will be the absolute last date that tickets are available. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Keeping in mind that this is a formal dinner for our cadets, there is an attachment to this week’s WRO on proper etiquette and behaviour expected from ALL cadets.

If there are any questions regarding the Dining In, please contact OCdt Hannus at 905-328-8752 or

Nametags have been ordered for all new cadets. The following cadets should have their nametags within the next couple of weeks:
D’Alessio, Ferretti, Files, Fry, Grey, Hernandez, Lewis, McGregor, O’Brien, Orlando, Price, Santib anez Bowron (quantity:2), Tenhulscher. If you are a new cadet and do not see your name on this list please email OCdt Hannus at to order your nametag.

Nickname/extra nametags will be ordered for the following cadets: Price, Araiche, Riemers, Graham, Jankowski Jess, Higham, Hannus, O’Donnell, Lemmen, Fry T, Gourley, Marcotte, Holstein. The price for each nametag is $5. Supply must collect the funds before your nametag will be ordered. If you have not already paid for your extra or nickname nametag, please come down to Supply this Friday evening with your $5. There is still time to order an extra or nickname nametag. If your name is not on this list and you wish to order one please come down to Supply this Friday evening with $5.

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be easy to forget that not everyone is fortunate enough to be home for Christmas. With this in mind, Canada Post has an amazing program that sends Christmas Cards to “ANY CANADIAN FORCES MEMBER” who may be serving overseas. We are asking every one of you to bring in at least one Christmas / Holiday card on the parade nights approaching our Christmas stand down to send to a Forces Member. Please feel free to fill out the card with your name (or family members’ names, etc…) and mention that you are an air cadet of 62 Squadron. Keep in mind that any Canadian Forces Member can receive your card, so please keep the subject of your message as general as possible.

Please address envelopes to:

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member
PO Box 5140 Stn Forces
Belleville ON, K8N 5W6

Please make sure cards have an ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE and give them to WO1 Clouser.

Flight points will be awarded if every cadet from that flight brings at least one card!

OCdt Hannus is the OIC of verifying and validating high school volunteer hours. Please see the attached document for detailed instructions on how to submit your request for volunteer hours. Please do not submit your request for volunteer hours. Please do not submit your request for any volunteer hours until after Tuesday, 17 Dec 19 (the date of the GBF Food Move). You will compile all your volunteer hours onto one sheet and submit them as a group. This is so OCdt Hannus does not receive multiple requests from each cadet every time there is a poppy session, Remembrance Day parade, etc.

Please note that this Friday and Saturday have been designated 62 Sqn Appreciation Days at M&M Food Market in Grimsby. When you purchase anything in the Store, if you say “You are purchasing in support of 62 Phantom Squadron Air Cadets” 10% of your order will be directed to the Squadron. This is a quick and easy way for the squadron to raise funds while supporting a local small business.

Did You Know?

Any empty alcohol containers from parents can be donated to the Sqn – just drop them off next to the telephone booth by the coatroom and we will return to the Beer Store. Also, 62 collects Canadian Tire money! (You know, the old CT bills that collect in the bottom of your junk drawers?). This donation helps the squadron purchase any number of items and is very much appreciated.


Fri 10 JanParade Night
Sat 11 JanSqn Bowl-a-Thon