WRO 14-19

For the week ending Thursday December 20th, 2018

1. FRIDAY NIGHT PARADE NIGHT – Friday 7 Dec – Commanding Officer’s Parade
Dress of the Day – C-1 (medals)
Officers – 1A (wedges CI/CV – Civilian Sqn Uniform
A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the cadets Tab of the squadron Web site: www.62phantomaircadets.ca
NOTE: Cadets, not able to attend are to call the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message as to why they will not be at cadets

2. Drill with Arms Practice – Tuesday 04 Dec – 1830-2100hrs
Drill Team with Arms Practice will recommence this coming Tuesday Night. It is the intent of the Sqn CO to set the Guard and Drill Team with Arms Team and Commander this week after consultation with CI Biggs. Please make sure you attend if you are being considered for a final try out.
Drill Team without Arms First Practice will begin the following week on Tuesday 11 Dec for any cadet interested in joining this team.

3. Range Competition Tryouts – Final Try out 06 Dec before first round cuts.
This Thursday night is the last opportunity for Open tryouts prior to the first cut for the 2019 Squadron Range Team. In order to be looked at, you must have been at least to one open tryout in the past 4 weeks and scored a minimum consistent grouping of 2.5mm. A list of cadets moving on to the second stage will be posted on Friday 07 December.
Thank you to all the cadets who have tried out so far to date.
NEW RECRUIT RANGE CERTIFICATION – We will not be holding any further Range Certification or training until after the Zone Competition in March for the new recruits. This is so that staff can concentrate their efforts in preparing and selecting the team for the Competition the beginning of March.

4. FLYING SCHOLARSHIP – Resumes Mon 03 Dec
This is a reminder to all PPS and GPS Candidates that Flying Scholarship that Flying Scholarship classes resume Monday 03 Dec at the MRCC. Staff are still working on their schedules, however classes are tentatively scheduled Monday 03 Dec, 10 Dec and 17 Dec. Currently there are no Saturday Classes at this time. More to follow.

5. March Break Trip Planning
Thank you to all the cadets that have registered for the March Break Trip. Staff are now working on final numbers and reservations for the trip to fine tune pricing. We hope to have the final price out prior to the end of the calendar year.
At this time we are not accepting any further reservation requests. If you would like to be considered on a standby list, please contact Major Leonard directly.

6. Summer Training/Camp Selections for July/August 2019
First Step for 2019 Summer Training has now been completed, as well as the National Camp Course selection Process. Staff will now review the entire squadron and hold individual interviews (if needed)
based on the cadet choices to produce a summer camp priority list and evaluate the overall course request.
Those who have applied for Staff Cadet Positions, you will be approached very short as to your individual preferences for positions as early as this Friday Night. More to follow.

7. Squadron Christmas Dining In – Friday 14 Dec 2018
2 weeks ago; a personal invitation to the Squadron Annual Christmas Dining In were sent home to all parents of cadets who were present at the Parade Night. It is our hope that some of you come and join in fellowship with the squadron meet, SSC members, mingle with other parents and have a great time.
Following the Dining In portion of the dinner, cadets will be having their Annual Christmas Dance which will end at Midnight. Dress is Formal/Semi Formal Attire. Cadets will be in uniform for the duration of the evening.
While this is still a mandatory Parade night for the cadets, we will be canvassing the cadets on Friday 07 Dec to verify who is attending the Dinner. While the cadet meals are free, last year due in part to weather, 30 + meals were paid for cadets that did not show. We would like to make sure we do not waste those funds once again this year.
Cadets will be expected to sit with their parents. Tickets for parents and non-cadet are $25, 62 Sqn Cadets – FREE. Please see the SSC at the end of the parade night for tickets.

8. Sports Team Tryouts
Over the coming weeks, we will start our workup for the NAG Sports Competition at the end of January. While the training plan has us starting this coming Monday Night. We are still in search of a facility. More to follow this coming Friday Night.

9. Community Service Hours Reporting and Processing
Thank you to all the Sqn for the patience regarding Community Service Hours Requests. We are now accepting those requests on mass as required.
I would like to once remind everyone of our sqn procedure, as such I have attached it once again for your information.
Some points to Clarify:
1. Community Service Hours requests will only be entertained for those activities where cadets do not gain a “CADET ADVANTAGE” or it is for the program. AS such, 62 Phantom Squadron will never be the volunteer organization.
2. For those cadets intending on using Hour Republic – send me a general email requesting your hours for the activities you think you have attended. I will send you back a spread sheet with what activities I am going to approve, the contact names, hours dates etc for you to enter in Hour Republic. That information will come to me and I will validate against the speadsheet I have emailed back to you.
3. For those cadets using paper forms, I have almost all the school paper forms on file, if you send me an email, tell me what school you attend and the requested activities, I will verify your request, complete the forms and provide you with the copy as soon as completed. If for some reason I do not have a copy, I may request you scan a copy and email to me.
I can assure you that the process is very quick if you follow the direct in the email and instructions above.

10. Squadron Bowl-a-thon in Support of March Break
ON Saturday Jan 19th, the squadron will be holding a Squadron Bowl-a-thon in support of the March Break Trip. This activity is for the whole squadron and not just the cadet going on the March Break Trip, however it provides those going with an opportunity to raise money for their trip.
100% of the funds raised by the individual cadets will be deposited in the cadets virtual account for use on the trip should they choose. Those not attending the trip may also raise money for deposit to their virtual account for later use.
Pledge sheets for the Bowl-a-thon will be available this coming Friday Night so that you have them to canvass relatives over the holidays. As the sheets represent real money, they must be signed for and returned to the squadron; with or without pledges.
11. Found Ipod in the Squadron Parking Lot
A few weeks ago an Ipod was found in the squadron parking lot. It goes off every morning at 7am. If someone you know is missing their Ipod, please have them come see me….if they can unlock it the password, it will be theirs.

12. Grimsby Benevolent Fund Food Move – Tuesday 18 Dec
Sign-up sheet for those cadets available to help out at the GBF Food Move will be out at the beginning of the parade night on Friday. Timings are approximately 4pm-7pm. More details at closing parade Friday night. While a sign up list will be out on Friday Night…there are only 20 slots….Community Service Hours are available.
This is an advisory once again to all level 3 and 4 cadets that this coming Friday you will be doing your Aviation Performance Check/Test. This is not an easy test and it is our hope you take the time to study for this test. Failure does have consequences in promotion to both FSgt and WO2. And you will also have to keep taking a similar test until you pass. So do yourself a favour and study!!!!!

Up-Coming Events
06 Dec – Range Comp Open Try Outs
08 Dec – WO2 Merit Review Board
14 Dec – Sqn Christmas Mess Dinner/Dining IN
18 Dec – GBF Food Move
21 Dec – 03 Jan – Christmas Standdown
03 Jan – Range Comp Tryout Stand up
04 Jan – Squadron Stand up – Fitness Tryouts #2
10 Jan – Effective Speaking Comp – First Meeting
12 Jan – Flying Scholarship Exam
19 Jan – Squadron Bowl a thon
26 Jan – NAG Sports Comp

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to me at leondave@sympatico.ca or 905-945- 2893.
Major/Major David Thomas Leonard, CD
Commanding Officer, 62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets Canadian Armed Forces David.Leonard@cadets.gc.ca/ Tel: (H) 905-945-2893 (C) 416-521-5999 (Sqn) 289-440-2641
Commandant, Escadron 62 “Grimsby Phantom”, Des Cadets de l’Aviation Royale du Canada (ECARC) Forces Armées Canadiennes David.Leonard@cadets.gc.ca/ Tel: (H) 905-945-2893 (C) 416-521-5999 (Sqn) 289-440-2641