WRO 11-19

For the week ending Friday November 30th, 2018

1. FRIDAY NIGHT PARADE NIGHT – Friday 16th Nov 18 – Regular Training Night

Dress of the Day – Cadets – C-2 (ribbons) Officers – 3A/C (wedges CI/CV – Civilian Sqn Uniform

A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the cadets Tab of the squadron Web site: www.62phantomaircadets.ca

NOTE: Cadets, not able to attend are to call the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message as to why they will not be at cadets

1A. NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT PARADE NIGHT – Friday 23rd Nov 2018 – Party Shirt Theme Night

From FSGT MACDONNELL: On November 23, 62 squadron will be holding a party shirt night!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this squadron tradition, party shirts are Hawaiian shirts (although any crazy-looking shirt will work).

Classes will be going on as usual but, there will also be an extended canteen (which means burgers and whatnot)! Can’t wait to see you all on November 23 showing you 62 squadron spirit!

FROM THE SSC: We will be having an expanded canteen option during the Party Shirt Night in that Meat Burgers, Chicken Burgers, and Veggie Burgers will be available at a cost of $2 each. Cadets are requested to pre-order and pay this week if able so that we know what to make and bring in.


PARKA VALIDATION – There are still over 20 cadets who need to validate your parkas for sizing and numbers. Please make sure that you do this on Friday this week as soon as you arrive to the cadet unit and go down to supply with your parka!!!! As OCdt Hannus is away, please come down to supply and a staff member will meet you.

3. Drill Team with Arms Practice – Continues Next Tuesday Night

Next Tuesday Night, we will continue with another week of Drill With Arms Practice and Commander Tryouts as we march on towards the NGTA Drill Comp in April 2019. Mr. Biggs and the CO will discuss candidates next week with a full appointment by next Friday night during Party Shirt Parade Night.

It is the CO’s intent to stand up the Squadron Guard this week on Friday rotating cadets until the Drill Team has been finalized.

If you would like to be considered for either the Commander of the Guard, the Guard and/or the Commander of the Drill Team Without Arms Team, please ensure you show up next Tuesday Night or advise Mr. Biggs your intention no later than Friday this week.

4. Range Competition Tryouts / New Recruit Range Certification

Unfortunately due to staff limitations, Range events were cancelled yesterday. WE will resume with full
RANGE COMP TRYOUTS next Thursday Night along with all the items missed due to the cancelation.
NEW RECRUIT RANGE CERTIFICATION – 2Lt Vaughan/Major Leonard and WO2 Baigent will be on hand this Thursday Night to validate/teach and test all cadets who have either not completed a range Safety course previously, need to do the Range Safety test or have not completed their range recertification training. This will occur in the hall from 1830-2100hrs.

5. FLYING SCHOLARSHIP Announcement/Selection of Cadets

With Exam # 5 now written, an announcement will be made to all eligible Scholarship Cadets as to who is selected to move forward in the Scholarship Process this coming Friday Night just before closing parade.

Parents, if you would like to attend, the CO Intends to gather those cadets together at approximately 8:50 in the evening for the announcement.

WRT to Flying Scholarship Classes – Only those cadets moving on will be continuing with the Ground School classes from this point forward as we need to devote our attention to ensuring these cadets build on the knowledge they already have.

To that end…..there is no Scholarship Classes this Saturday November 17th, we will resume on Monday November 19th at 1830hrs

6. March Break Trip Planning

We continue to accept March Break Paperwork and deposits this Friday Night. Please bring payments and forms directly to Major Leonard.

7. Summer Training/Camp Selections for July/August 2019

Staff will continue to canvass cadets for their choices for summer camp this coming Friday Night with the hope to have it completed by the end of the night. Parents, please discuss summer training/camps with your son/daughter so that they know what they would like to have selected. I have attached the process once again to the cover email.

8. Squadron 5th Annual TASTE N’ BUY EVENT / Silent Auction / Dance – Sat 17 Nov 18

This ADULT ONLY event was announced by the SSC two weeks ago and will be taking place at the MRCC on Sat 17 Nov 2018 from 1830 – 0100hrs. Tickets are $40 in advance and $75 at the door of which a portion is eligible for a Charitable Donation Receipt. This event is not restricted to the Squadron and is open to the public at large.

As in the past, the intention is to have 5 – 7 wineries present for patrons to sample their products to order their Christmas wines. We will also have a few other vendors, a live band and DJ present for the evening.

Details are still being worked on with more info to follow, however ticket sales are now open for the event with just 300 tickets available. Tickets are sold in advance only as Charity Receipts are issued and we need to inform the wineries the number of patrons. Poster has been attached.

9. Operation Jumpin Jesters – Trampoline Park Trip – Tues 27 Nov 18

Attached to the cover WRO is the Warning Order (and associated SkyZone JumpWaiver) for Op Jumpin Jesters at Skyzone in St. Catharines. Please read the Warning Order carefully as there is a no fee clause within provided you completely participated in Op Lest We Forget. Major Leonard will expand this evening on the trip. Permission Forms, Parent Jump Waivers and deposits accepted by Ocdt Leonard.

10. Sr NCO Trip to Clifton Hill – Sun 25 Nov 18

More information regarding this event for FSgt and above will be out shortly in a special email directly to those concerned.

11. Positive Social Relations for Youth Training – Sunday 25 Nov 18 0800-1200hrs

A requirement of your initial training, on Sunday 25 Nov, Major Leonard and WO1 MacKenzie will be delivering the Positive Social Relations for Youth Training to all new cadets who have joined as of Sept 1st this year as well as designated cadets who have missed this training last year.

Classes start at 0800 in either the church or MRCC and will end at noon sharp. Dress is civilian clothing. Please dress warm. A Cadet canteen will be available throughout the AM if cadets wish.

12. Smithville and Grimsby Christmas Parades – 24 Nov and 01 Dec respectively

Sign up lists will be at the back of the parade square this evening for both of these two parades. We are looking for as many cadets as possible to be in attendance as we parade the band(s) a National Flag Party and Guard and flight of cadets.

The Smithville parade starts around 1pm with the Grimsby parade starting about 5pm. Warning Orders for both of these parades will be out very shortly.

13. Squadron Christmas Dining In – Friday 14 Dec 2018

As has become tradition at 62 Sqn, we will be holding a Squadron Christmas Dining In to mark the Stand-down for the Christmas holiday. While this is still a mandatory Parade night for the cadets, we are inviting cadet parents to join us in the dinner.

Tickets for parents and non-cadet are $25, 62 Sqn Cadets – FREE Tickets will go on sale next Friday 23 Nov 18

14. Remembrance Day Pics and Videos

Ocdt Hannus is working on a Remembrance Day/Activities album of every thing that the cadets participated over Op Lest We Forget. If you have pictures you can share with her, please do not hesitate to email her as chan_nus@hotmail.com or Facebook Messenger her your videos and pics. We will make this album available to the sqn at large once complete.

15. Community Service Hours Reporting and Processing

Earlier in the week a special email went out regarding Volunteer Hours for High school and the squadron procedure for gaining credit for these hours.

While staff are still compiling the attendance lists and recording the data, I am asking all cadets to wait until after the two Christmas Parades before requesting the specific info to process their hours. Attached to this WRO once again is the Squadron procedure for this.

We can assure you that as of Dec 2nd, the process will be very quick.

Up-Coming Events

17 Nov – Veteran’s Dinner – Grimsby Legion (6 cadets)
17 Nov – Taste N Buy Fundraiser
18 Nov – CWH Tour Level 1 and 2 (POSTPONED until the Spring)
23 Nov – Party Shirt Team Night – Civilian Clothing
24 Nov – Smithville Christmas Parade
24 Nov – Taste N Buy Wine Pick Up Date
25 Nov – Sr Cadet Trip to Niagara Falls
25 Nov – Level one and new recruit PSRY Training
27 Nov – Sqn Trampoline Park Trip
29 Nov – Range Comp Open Try Outs First Cut
01-02 Dec – Level 5 Cadets PO 513 Workshops Burlington
01 Dec – Grimsby Christmas Parade
08 Dec – WO2 Merit Review Board
14 Dec – Sqn Christmas Mess Dinner/Dining IN
18 Dec – GBF Food Move
21 Dec – 03 Jan – Christmas Standdown

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to me at leondave@sympatico.ca or 905-9452893.

Major/Major David Thomas Leonard, CD

Commanding Officer, 62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets
Canadian Armed Forces
David.Leonard@cadets.gc.ca/ Tel: (H) 905-945-2893 (C) 416-521-5999 (Sqn) 289-440-2641

Commandant, Escadron 62 “Grimsby Phantom”, Des Cadets de l’Aviation Royale du Canada (ECARC) Forces Armées Canadiennes
David.Leonard@cadets.gc.ca/ Tel: (H) 905-945-2893 (C) 416-521-5999 (Sqn) 289-440-2641