WRO 09-20

WRO #09 AND Activities for the Week Ending Thurs 14 Nov 2019

1. Friday Parade Night – CO’s Parade and Recruit Flight Swearing In – 01 Nov 19

We will be conducting the first swearing in ceremony and cadet flight assignments this Friday night. Parents of new recruits – you will be receiving an email to inform you if your cadet will be sworn in this evening. If so, please plan on attending as when your cadet is sworn in to the Air Cadet Program, we are going to invite you to stand behind your cadet in support. Cadet parents who did not receive an email – your son/daughter will be captured during the Squadron’s Dining In/Mess Dinner in December.

To accommodate the Commanding Officer’s Parade/Swearing In and to maximize the amount of parents present, closing parade will begin at 2045hrs. Timings for all members published below:

1750hrs – Officers to arrive at unit
1805hrs – Senior Cadets to be at the unit
1815hrs – All other cadets to be at the unit
1830hrs – Form up and attendance
1840hrs – Commanding Officer’s Inspection
1905hrs – Start of 2nd Period Classes for Cadets
1940hrs – Start of 3rd Period Classes for Cadets
2015hrs – Canteen Break
2040hrs – Squadron Form up
2045hrs – Commanding Officer’s Parade Con’t / Swearing in of Cadets / Recruit Cadet Flight
Assignments /Summer Training Certificates (Trenton) / Closing Parade & Announcements
2130hrs – Dismissal

There will be plenty of seating around the cadet hall for those who wish to be present for the parade. North gravel parking lot will be open for all to use.

Dress for the Evening:
Cadets – C1-A (Medals) Officers – 1A (Medals) CI/CV – Sqn Civilian

A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the “References” Tab on the Squadron Web site: www.62phantomaircadets.ca

NOTE: Cadets not able to attend are to call or text the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message with their name and why they will not be at cadets.


If you did NOT bring in your parka, toque, and gloves to be validated last Friday then you must bring them this evening. This is held in advance of poppy sales and the Remembrance Day services in order to ensure all cadets are kitted properly. It will be cold/rainy during these activities and properly fitting outerwear is essential for safety reasons.


We will continue to enroll new cadets and transferring cadets to the squadron over the next month and adding them to our growing recruit flight. Should you know someone interested in Air Cadets who is 12 yrs old or older, consider bringing them out to a parade night.


We will continue with weekly Drill with Arms practices and Vigil practices each Tuesday night until Nov 5th. We encourage any cadet who would like to try out for the Flag Party, Guard or participate in the 18hr Vigil on 10-11 Nov to come on out and see what this is all about. Dress is civilian clothing, Cadets will need to bring their wedge and boots with them (not wear them). For further information, please talk to FSgt Arnott or FSgt Zulauf.


We can confirm at this time that the squadron is making preparations for a submission for a
March Break Trip covering the 14-19 March 2020. The Squadron is intending to travel to Washington DC area. A rough itinerary to be published in next week’s WRO. Reminder: A $200 deposit is due NLT 29 Nov 19.


All Level 4 cadets, mark your calendars! Saturday, 16 Nov 19 0830 is your PSRY training at the MRCC as detailed by the Level 4 QSP. This is mandatory training for all level 4 cadets.


This is a warning email to all cadets……we have coordinated with the respective legions regarding participation on various events, for Remembrance Day. The detailed Warning Order is attached. These activities range from serving meals to the veterans at the Annual Veterans Dinner, Legion Grounds Clean-ups, Poppy Sales, and the 4 parades we support. Cadets are required to do 3 poppy sales sessions as well as 1 parade.

Sign-up sheets are located on the table at the back of the hall.

LEGION CLEAN UP – We are looking for a group of cadets to assist this Saturday 02 Nov with clean-up at the Grimsby Legion. Cadets who help out will be excused from their tagging session on Saturday. Sign up sheet and timings will be given this Friday.


This ADULTS ONLY event will be taking place at the MRCC on Sat 23 Nov 2019 from 1830 to 0000hrs. The last date to purchase tickets will be 08 Nov 19 as the numbers need to be sent to the caterer. Tickets are $30 in advance and tickets will not be sold at the door. This event is not restricted to the Squadron and is open to the public at large.


830 – 1630hrs This is a day of instruction for senior cadets to take advance classes that support/augment leadership knowledge and ability. If you are able to attend or would like more information, please email training at training@62phantomaircadets.ca or talk to training staff on a Friday Night. DEADLINE: 08 NOV 19


830 – 1630 hrs This is a day of instruction for senior cadets to take advance classes that support/augment instruction knowledge and ability. If you are able to attend please email training at training@62phantomaircadets.ca or talk to training staff on a Friday Night. DEADLINE: 15 NOV 19

11. NGTA Cadet Correspondent Workshop – 15-17 Nov 19

Cadets should be in their third or fourth year, have skills in communications, and be positive examples of the program in the public eye. Cadets will learn to become storytellers and program ambassadors for the local squadron to strengthen your local Public Affairs goals as well as have opportunities to support their Area UPAR and local competitions.

Similar to last year Cadets and Escort Officers from outside the GTA will be required to stay overnight on site, meals will be provided. Information attached to the cover email. If this is something you are interested in or have any questions, please talk to FSgt Deslauriers as well as send an email to Major Robinson at co@62phantomaircadets.ca


Supply will be ordering name tags for the squadron next week.

New recruits: you will be receiving your first name tag free of charge. Please take good care of your first name tag. If you lose/damage your name tag you will be charged $5 for a replacement. Name tags are a required part of your uniform. If you wish to order an additional name tag for $5 please see the SupO.

Remainder of the squadron: if you wish to order an additional nametag the cost is $5 each. You may order your own name or a nickname (as long as it isn’t offensive, and take note you may not wear your nickname on your uniform). Please see the SupO if you wish to order an additional nametag.


Willy Wonka recently made a trip to the MRCC and offered the SSC the opportunity to help those with a sweet tooth. We currently are selling:

Product Quantity Best By Date Price
Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar Large Bar 20/Box Dec 2019 $25.00/box
Twizzlers Licorice 454g package July 2019 $2.00/bag
SKOR Bits (Baking) 1.8lb bag June 2019 $5.00/bag
Reece Pieces Bits (Baking) 5lb bag Oct 2019 $10.00/bag

Did you know?

Any empty alcohol containers from parents can be donated to the Sqn – just drop them off next to the telephone booth by the coat room and we will return to the Beer Store. Also, 62 collects Canadian Tire money! (You know, the old CT bills that collect in the bottom of your junk drawers?) This donation helps the squadron purchase any number of items and is very much appreciated.

Up-Coming Events

Sat 16 NovWO2 Merit Review Boards
Sat 23 NovLevel 1 PSRY
Sat 23 NovSSC Dinner Dance Fundraising Event
Sat 23 NovLeadership Series Workshop – Level 3/4/5
Sat 30 NovInstructor Series Workshop – Level 3/4/5
Sat 30 NovSmithville Christmas Parade
Sat 30 Nov 01 DecPO513 – Level 5
Sun 1 DecGrimsby Senior Choir Concert
Fri 06 DecCO’s Parade
Sat 07 DecGrimsby Christmas Parade
Fri 13 DecSquadron Dining In

Should you have any questions, please contact us.
Lt. Happy Vaughan
Training Officer
62 Phantom Squadron training@62phantomaircadets.ca
Sent on behalf of the Commanding Officer