RO 08-20

WRO #8 and Activities for the week ending Thurs 7 Nov 2019

1. Friday Parade Night – Regular Training Friday 25 Oct 2019

Dress for the Evening: Cadets – C3B Officers – 3B CI/CV – Sqn Civilian

Parka validation: Parka validation will be held this evening! All cadets MUST bring their parkas, toques and gloves to cadets this evening for validation and sizing. New parkas and gloves will be issued to cadets needing a different size. Parka validation and sizing is held in advance of poppy sales and the Remembrance Day services in order to ensure all cadets are kitted properly. It will be cold/rainy during these activities and properly fitting outerwear is essential for safety reasons.
A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the “References” Tab on the Squadron Web site:

NOTE: Cadets not able to attend are to call or text the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message with their name and why they will not be at cadets.


A uniform is an outward symbol of commitment, identity and ethos. Coupled with overall appearance, the uniform is the most powerful visual expression of pride by the individual and is the primary means by which the public image of the Cadet Program are fashioned. Uniforms identify all Cadets as members of a cohesive and national youth organization.

For the updated orders of dress and changes to the regulations please refer to our web site: 2019.pdf


We will continue to enroll new cadets and transferring cadets to the squadron over the next month and adding them to our growing recruit flight. Should you know someone interested in Air Cadets who is 12 yrs old or older, consider bringing them out to a parade night.


We will continue with weekly Drill with Arms practices and Vigil practices each Tuesday night until Nov 5th. We encourage any cadet who would like to try out for the Flag Party, Guard or participate in the 18hr Vigil on 10-11 Nov to come on out and see what this is all about. Dress is civilian clothing, Cadets will need to bring their wedge and boots with them (not wear them). For further information, please talk to FSgt Arnott or FSgt Zulauf.


We can confirm at this time that the squadron is making preparations for a submission for a March Break Trip covering the 14-19 March 2020. The Squadron is intending to travel to Washington DC area. Reminder: A $200 deposit is due NLT 29 Nov 19.


All Level 4 cadets, mark your calendars! Saturday, 16 Nov 19 0830 is your PSRY training at the MRCC as detailed by the Level 4 QSP. This is mandatory training for all level 4 cadets.


This is a warning email to all cadets… we have coordinated with the respective legions regarding participation on various events, for Remembrance Day. The detailed Warning Order is attached.

These activities range from serving meals to the veterans at the Annual Veterans Dinner, Legion Grounds Clean-ups, Poppy Sales, and the 4 parades we support. Cadets are required to do 3 poppy sales sessions as well as 1 parade.

Sign-up sheets are located on the table at the back of the hall.


This ADULTS ONLY event will be taking place at the MRCC on Sat 23 Nov 2019 from 1830 to 0000hrs. This is the last week to purchase tickets as the numbers need to be sent to the caterer. Tickets are $30 in advance and tickets will not be sold at the door. This event is not restricted to the Squadron and is open to the public at large.


830 – 1630hrs This is a day of instruction for senior cadets to take advance classes that support/augment leadership knowledge and ability. If you are able to attend or would like more information, please email training at or talk to training staff on a Friday Night. DEADLINE: 08 NOV 19


830 – 1630 hrs This is a day of instruction for senior cadets to take advance classes that support/augment instruction knowledge and ability. If you are able to attend please email training at or talk to training staff on a Friday Night. DEADLINE: 15 NOV 19

11. NGTA Cadet Correspondent Workshop – 15-17 Nov 19

Cadets should be in their third or fourth year, have skills in communications, and be positive examples of the program in the public eye. Cadets will learn to become storytellers and program ambassadors for the local squadron to strengthen your local Public Affairs goals as well as have opportunities to support their Area UPAR and local competitions.

Similar to last year Cadets and Escort Officers from outside the GTA will be required to stay overnight on site, meals will be provided. Information attached to the cover email. If this is something you are interested in or have any questions, please talk to FSgt Deslauriers as well as send an email to Major Robinson at


Supply will be ordering name tags for the squadron this week.

New recruits: you will be receiving your first name tag free of charge. Please take good care of your first name tag. If you lose/damage your name tag you will be charged $5 for a replacement. Name tags are a required part of your uniform. If you wish to order an additional name tag for $5 please see the SupO.

Remainder of the squadron: if you wish to order an additional name tag the cost is $5 each. You may order your own name or a nickname (as long as it isn’t offensive, and take note you may not wear your nickname on your uniform). Please see the SupO if you wish to order an additional name tag.


Due to supply and demand, all the Reeces bars have been sold. The Sponsoring Committee is currently working on a new fundraiser and details will be out soon.


Over the next few weeks will be asking each and every cadet in the squadron over the next couple of weeks what they would like to do this summer regarding Cadet Summer Training opportunities for next summer 2020. Attached to this email is last year’s 2019 Summer Trg Pamphlet…the current 2020 version is not available at this time so the 2019 version is being provided to help you with advising your cadets. Starting Friday 01 Nov and ending on Friday 15 Nov, we will be asking the cadets their choices for summer camp. Each cadet is allowed three choices from their level as stated below with the exception of level one
cadets. They are only allowed one choice GT unless they are in the band, which we can try for a Basic Music Course but no promises.

This intent is for both the parents and the cadets, to inform the parents and cadets the choices they have regarding the 2020 Summer Training Program. The hope is that you will sit down with your cadet and together make an educated selections based on the cadets interests and abilities. Below, I will attempt to break down the email by Training Level so that you as parents are clear as to the choices your son or daughter have with regard to summer training. Please remember they can only choose from their level and not a higher level then they are currently in.

The following breakdown by level can be used as a guide to help select the camps which your child may attend. Please refer to the attached document for further explanations for each course.


These cadets have really only one choice however we will accept Band requests but it is very difficult to get them on band at this time:

a) General Training Course – Trenton – 2 weeks – We automatically place an application in the system for all level one cadets for General Training.
b) Military Band – Basic Musician Course or Basic Pipes and Drums- Blackdown – Three weeks. (normally a level two course, however if cadet is in the sqn band, and recommended by both the Band Officer and Commanding Officer we can attempt to get them loaded on this course.) as a second choice….primary is General Training – over the last two years, RCMI has not selected Level one cadets for music course – even though we keep trying.


These cadets have 6 choices, Plus the two Band Courses in level one.(total 8):

a) Basic Drill and Ceremonial Course – Blackdown – 3 weeks
b) Basic Fitness and Sports Course – Blackdown – 3 weeks
c) Basic Survival Course – Blackdown – 3 weeks
d) Pipe Band and/or Basic Musician Course – Blackdown – 3 weeks
e) Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace Course – Trenton – 3 weeks (normally only one cadet is accepted each year)
f) Basic Aviation Course – Trenton – 3 weeks (normally only one cadet is accepted each year)


These cadets have 13 choices, which include all the courses in Level two and Military Band from Level One (total 20):

a) Drill and Ceremonial Instructor Course – Trenton – 6 weeks
b) Fitness and Sports Instructor Course – Blackdown – 6 weeks
c) Military Band – Intermediate Musician Course – Blackdown – 6 weeks
d) Military Band – Intermediate Musician Course – Trenton – 6 weeks (Trenton General Service
e) Music Course, Levels 4, 5 – Blackdown – 6 weeks
f) Pipe Band – Intermediate Musician Course – Blackdown – 6 weeks
g) Pipes and Drums, Levels 4,5 – Blackdown – 6 weeks
h) Advanced Aviation Technology Course – Airport Operations – North Bay – 6 weeks – ONE CADET ONLY is selected from the squadron to move forward – local competition process
i) Advanced Aviation Technology Course – Aircraft Maintenance – North Bay – 6 weeks – ONE CADET ONLY is selected from the squadron to move forward– local competition process
j) Advanced Aerospace Course – Saint-Jean, QC – 6 weeks – ONE CADET ONLY is selected from the squadron to move forward– local competition process
k) Advanced Aviation Course – Trenton – 3 weeks (normally only one cadet is accepted each year)
l) Glider Pilot Scholarship Course – Trenton – 6+ weeks (cadet must be 16 by 01 Sep
2020 and have participated fully in the Sqn Scholarship program (no exceptions)) – 4
CADETS ONLY are selected from the squadron to move forward– local competition process
m) Survival Instructors Course – Blackdown – 6 weeks

Please note the courses above in BLUE FONT are open to level 3 cadets, however there is a national standard of scoring which must be followed and cadets compete locally for recommendation for one slot against level 4 cadets as well.


These cadets the opportunity to attend the core 13 choices in Level three and below in addition to the following (Total 15):
a) Power Pilot Scholarship – Various Flight Centers in Ontario – 7+ weeks (cadet must be
17 by 01 Sep 2020 and have participated fully in the Sqn Schol. Program (no exceptions))
– 4 CADETS ONLY are selected from the squadron to move forward– local competition process
b) Staff Cadet (Instructors at Camps) – all camps across Canada – up to 10 weeks, however generally 7-8 weeks. Must be 16 yrs old by 01 Jan 20


These cadets have the same 15 choices as levels three and four in addition to the following:

a) International Air Cadet Exchange – various countries around the world – 3-4 weeks, dates vary. – One CADET ONLY will be selected and nominated from 62 Sqn

While staff make every effort to load the cadets on their first or second choice, there are no guarantees that the courses they select will be the courses they are recommended for by staff. As well, please be aware that while your son/daughter applies for a camp, typically each squadron only is expected to have 40-60% selected each year. (Example: If 20 cadets select Basic Survival as there primary, typically only 5-7 cadets are loaded on this course, so the others will be with out a course. Staff try to smooth out the selections so that all cadets have the opportunity to be selected for a summer training opportunity. This smoothing of courses takes into consideration your cadets ranking on the squadron merit list. We try to equally distribute the courses through the squadron; with this approach, we have been successful in having 85-100% cadets who apply accepted for training)

Lastly, any cadets applying for NATIONAL COURSES must let the TrgO know by 08 Nov of their desire to go on those courses so that we can trigger the Sqn National Camp
Competition process should there be more than the allowable applications which express interest in those courses.

Up-Coming Events
Date Activity
26-27 Oct Legion Poppy Campaign
Fri 1 Nov CO’s Parade – Recruit Swearing In
2-3 Nov Legion Poppy Campaign
Fri 8 Nov Jordan Remembrance Day Parade
9-10 Nov Legion Poppy Campaign
Sat 10 Nov Beamsville Remembrance Day Parade
10-11 Nov 18hr Vigil – Grimsby Cenotaph
Sun 11 Nov Grimsby Remembrance Day Parade
Sat 16 Nov WO2 Merit Review Boards
Sat 23 Nov SSC Dinner Dance Fundraising Event
Sat 23 Nov Leadership Series Workshop – Level 4/5
Sat 30 Nov Instructor Series Workshop – Level 4/5
Sat 30 Nov Smithville Christmas Parade
Sat 30 Nov, 01 Dec PO513 – Level 5

Should you have any questions, please contact us.
OCdt Julianne Fry
Assistant Training Officer 62 Phantom Squadron
Sent on behalf of the Commanding Officer