RO 03-20

WRO #3 and Activities for the week ending Thurs 26 Sept 2019

1. Regular Parade Night – FRIDAY 20 SEPT 2019
This Friday night we resume regular scheduled training as per the WRO portion of the Message of the week.

Dress for the Evening:
Cadets – C2
Officers – 3B
CI/CV – Sqn Civilian Uniform
A copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the “References” Tab on the Squadron Web site:

NOTE: Cadets not able to attend are to call or text the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message with their name and why they will not be at cadets.

Those that were not able to attend range recertification on Monday, 16 Sep, please contact Lt Vaughan or Maj (Ret’d) Diehl to schedule a time on a Thursday night.

New Recruit Marksmanship Training
Part 1 – Theory Classes are currently scheduled for Monday 30 Sept from 1830-2100hrs. It is mandatory that all level one cadets receive this training prior to proceeding to Part 2 Live Fire. Part 2 – Live Fire Marksmanship Training will be on Thursday 03 Oct in Hauser Hall (Church
Basement) from 18:30-21:00hrs

No cadet can participate in Marksmanship Nights until they have either re-certified or completed both parts of the above Recruit Marksmanship Training.

Are you interested in learning drill or improving your drill skills? We encourage you to come out this Tuesday from 18:30 – 21:00 for yet another Drill Open House, where you can learn drill and rifle drill. All skill levels welcome!

Please make sure to come in comfortable clothing and bring your parade boots/wedge.

This coming Wednesday from 18:30 – 21:00 is the first open Band Night. Any cadets who are not currently members of the Band and wish to join are encouraged to come out with a parent for a briefing and open discussion with OCdt Gardner, the Band Officer, on expectations and band regulations.

No cadet can join the band without first receiving a briefing and discussion with a parent present, and a recommendation from the Band Officer to the CO for an appointment to the band.

5. TAGGING – THURS, FRI, SAT, SUN 26, 27, 28 & 29 SEPT 2019
Air Cadet Tagging is one of our major fundraisers and will be taking place the last weekend of September. A WARNING ORDER is attached. Sign up lists for the cadets and parent drivers were out during registration and will be out Friday as well. All cadets are expected to sign up for two shifts over the weekend and Thursday.
… A reminder, the Friday night “Duty Tag” does not count towards your two sessions for tagging.

We can confirm at this time that the squadron is making preparations for a submission for a March Break Trip covering Saturday March 14th to Thursday March 19th, 2020. The Squadron is intending to travel to Washington DC area. More information will be provided in the coming weeks with a full parent briefing on the trip at the Squadron SSC AGM on October 11th.