RO 02-20

WRO #02 and Activities for the week ending Thurs 20 Sept 19

1. Change of Command Parade – Friday 13 Sep 19
On Friday 13 Sep 19, Major David Leonard will be stepping down as the Commanding Officer of 62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron, with Captain Richard Robinson assuming command for at least 3 years.
It is the hope of staff that each and every cadet is present for this special event. While a Friday Mandatory Parade night, following the Change of Command, we will have refreshments for all.
All families are invited to attend as we celebrate the career of Major David Leonard and acknowledge the Change of Command to Capt Robinson. Parking in the North Lot of the Church will be available. Staff and Senior cadets who have their vehicle are to park in the North Lot to the largest extent possible.

Dress for the Evening:

  • Cadets – C-2A (Medals)
  • Officers – 1-A (Wedges + Medals)
  • CI/CV – All Others – Civilian Sqn Uniform with black/brown shoes (no runners or boots)

NOTE: Cadets, not able to attend are to call or text the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message as to why they will not be at cadets and their name.

Cadets that have already signed up to attend the Snowbirds Airshow need to watch for and read the upcoming warning order. 62 will provide transportation to and from the airport on Wednesday afternoon. Cadets will be responsible for their own dinner and vendors at the show. Cadets will attend this event in C-2B dress.

As some of you are aware, our squadron encountered high winds when conducting our spring 2018 FTX at Valens Conservation Area. Unfortunately, several of our tents were damaged. We require the use of these tents for our Fall 2019 FTX (scheduled for 18-20 Oct 2019) at Chippewa Creek Conservation Area. Supply would like to schedule this coming Saturday 14 Sep 19 at 1100hrs as the day where cadets and their families are invited to come up to the MRCC to help inventory the damage. There are 20 tents that need to be erected and inspected for damage. We will create a replacements parts list and Supply will then order the parts required to make the tents usable again. If we get many volunteers then the activity shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. Many hands make light work! If you are available to help, please contact OCdt Christina Hannus via text or call on her cell at 905-328-8752. Thank you.

Each and every year, the cadets of the squadron must re-certify of the Daisy Air Rifle even if the do not intent to participate in regular range practices. This recertification takes about 30 minutes to complete and will take place on Monday Sept 16th from 1830hrs to 2100hrs. We will be providing ideal times for cadets to arrive based on last name. While the aim is to have every cadet come in and re-certify on this evening, we are asking the cadets to try and maintain the following time frames:
All Returning Cadets Level two and above with the last names beginning with:

  • A-F are to report for 1830hrs (completed by 1920hrs)
  • G-L are to report for 1900hrs (completed by 1950hrs)
  • M-S are to report for 1930hrs (completed by 2020hrs) T-Z are to report for 2000hrs (competed by 2050hrs)

While we understand that some cadets will not be able to make the assigned time above due to scheduling conflicts, we will accommodate them arriving for another slot other than above.

New Recruit Marksmanship Training –

Part 1 – Theory Classes are currently scheduled for Monday 30 Sept from 1830-2100hrs. It is mandatory that all level one cadets received this training prior to proceeding to Part 2 Live Fire.

Part 2 – Live Fire Marksmanship Training will be on Thursday 03 Oct in Hauser Hall (Church
Basement) from 18:30-21:00hrs
No cadet can participate in Marksmanship Nights until they have either re-certified or completed both parts of the above Recruit Marksmanship Training.

Air Cadet Tagging is one of our major fundraisers and will be taking place the last weekend of September. A WARNING ORDER will be published shortly for this event. Sign up lists for the cadets and parent drivers were out during registration and will be out Friday as well. All cadets are expected to sign up for two shifts over that weekend and Thursday … a reminder, the Friday night “Duty Tag” does not count towards your two sessions for tagging.

We can confirm at this time that the squadron is making preparations for a submission for a March Break Trip covering Saturday March 14th to Thursday March 19th, 2020. The Squadron is intending to travel to Washington DC area. More information will be provided in the coming weeks with a full parent briefing on the trip at the Squadron SSC AGM on October 11th.

7. BAND – WED 11 SEPT 19
All returning band members will be required to attend this band practice to prepare for the Change of Command and must get up to speed for O Canada, God Save the Queen, a March Past and General Salute.

Up-Coming Events
Wed 11 Sep – Band Stand Up – Returning Band members & CTC Band Grads not in band Snowbirds Demonstration at St. Catharines Airport
Fri 13 Sep – Change of Command – Commanding Officer’s Parade/Medals Presentations
Sat 14 Sep – Flying Scholarship Class
Mon 16 Sep – Range Re-Certification Returning Cadets
Tue 17 Sep – Drill Practice – open to the entire sqn
Wed 18 Sep – New Band Member meeting – Parent Meeting
Thu 19 Sep – Open Range for re-certified cadets
26-29 Sep – Air Cadet Tagging Weekend
Mon 30 Sep –New Recruit and Level One Marksmanship Course
Thur 3 Oct – WO1 Board
18-20 Oct – Fall Field Training Exercise @ Chippawa Creek Conservation Area
Mon 28 Oct – Staff Meeting
Sat 16 Nov – WO2 Merit Review Boards

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Lt. Happy Vaughan
Training Officer
62 Phantom Squadron