WRO 02/03/04-19

WRO #2, #3 and #4 ending Thursday 04 October 2018

Good Day to you all,

Once again welcome to the 2018-19 cadet training year.   It was so nice getting reacquainted with all the returning cadets last Friday Night at the Welcome Back BBQ.  I wish the night was a little longer so that I could visit with each and every one of you and share in all of your accounts for the activities you did this past summer.   Some of the stories that were shared brought me back to when I was a cadet, and the enthusiasm and excitement for prospects yet to come.

To our new cadet families, by now you should have received a “Welcome to 62 Squadron” email from me directly.   Over the coming year we hope that your son or daughter will live the air cadet motto “TO LEARN TO SERVE TO ADVANCE”  and take advantage of all the cadet program has to offer.


Last Friday Night was bitter sweet for Ocdt Leonard and I in that just as we are getting started, we will be absent from the squadron for the next 15 days as we travel abroad.  Capt Boyle is stepping up for the next two weeks and should be your point of contact.  He can be reached via email at boyle.cm@hotmail.com should you have any questions.  In the event of an emergency you can call his cell phone number 289-439-3463.

The next couple of weeks will be really busy as we start the squadron up.   This WRO below will cover the next three weeks until Thursday 04 October.   I do apologise for its length, however this will be the only WRO published until I return.  The next WRO is forecast to be published on 30 Sept.

Normally I would add that if you have any questions or comments, to contact me at any time, however because of the trip abroad, please contact Capt Boyle until the 28th of Sept.

Once again Welcome Back Cadets.


Captain D.T. Leonard, CD

Acting Commanding Officer


MESSAGE OF THE WEEK Ending Sunday 30 Sept 18

1. Commanding Officer’s Parade/Medals Presentation Night - Friday 15 Sept 17

This Friday Night is a very special night for 62 Squadron with it being the 1st Commanding Officer’s Parade of the year, but more importantly it is the Squadron Medals Parade where we recognize those cadets who have provided 4 years meritorious service to Canada, and our community.  Captain Boyle will be in Command this week.

We have also been working towards appointing the Senior Cadet Command Team for the squadron which will happen this Friday night with the Appointment of the following Positons: Cadet Squadron Commander, Deputy Cadet Squadron Commander, Squadron Warrant Officer, Squadron Adjutant, Squadron Supernumerary, Squadron Aide-de-Camp, Chief Instructors and Squadron Drum Major- Mil Band.   Squadron Drum Major - Pipe Band will be appointed at a future date.

All of the above activity will occur at the end of the training night with form up at 2045hrs (8:45pm) attendance being taken at 18:30hrs sharp and fall in no later than 18:40hrs.

The evening will be changed around a bit with Canteen Break occurring earlier in the evening to allow for 3rd period starting at 8:10 pm.

Announcements will take place closing parade.

We encourage who wish to come and view this parade.  There will be plenty of seating around the cadet hall for those who wish to be present for the Parade

DRESS: C- 2A (ties and ribbons)for all returning cadets…..For all the new Recruits, a copy of the squadron dress regulations can be found under the cadets Tab of the squadron Web site:  www.62phantomaircadets.ca.   New recruits to the largest extent possible should be dressed in black pants and white shirt or as neat and tidy as possible…..no shorts.  (please do not go and purchase these items if you do not have them as you will be in cadet uniforms within a couple of weeks.)

NOTE: Cadets, not able to attend are to call the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message as to why they will not be at cadets


We will continue to enrol new cadets and transferring cadets to the squadron over the next month and adding them to our growing recruit flight.    Should you know someone interested in Air Cadets who is 12 yrs old or older, consider bringing them out to a parade night.

  • Re-Registration/Validation – We will continue to re-register returning cadets this week for those who were unable to do that at the Welcome Back BBQ.   Cadets will need to bring in one parent at the beginning of the evening to “RE-REGISTER”. This registration will occur following the CO’s Parade. Those new recruits who were advised that they needed a Detailed Health Questionnaire completed, those are also now available.

Please see Capt Boyle and staff to complete.

Cadets that are not re-registered/validated by 30 Sept will not be allowed to parade. This is a military standard placed in effect and is being enforced this year by Central Region Cadets.


This Saturday is the start of the Flying Scholarship Ground School Course as detailed at the parent meeting last Monday.  For those who purchased books and material through Capt Leonard, Capt Boyle will provide you with those on Friday Night.

Remember you need to be punctual, and ready to work.  Having a positive attitude and keen work ethic is key to success on this course.

3. Gliding Famil Flying – St Catharines Airport – Sat 15 Sept 18 0730-1330hrs

Warning Orders have been sent out to those cadets who were selected for our first gliding session which will occur this coming Saturday.   2Lt Vaughan is the OIC for this event. There are still 3 slots left for this gliding session. If you are interested, please advise 2Lt Vaughan prior to Canteen Break so that the proper paperwork can be submitted in time to allow you to go.

Our next session will take place on Saturday 20 October in St Catharines.  A Sign up list will be out for that session shortly. We have both the AM and PM Gliding Sessions.

4.   Range Recertification - Monday 17 Sept 17 – Range Recertification - Each and every year the cadets of the squadron must re-certify on the Daisy Air Rifle even if they do not intend to participate in regular range practices.    This recertification takes about 30 min to complete and will take place on Monday 17 Sept from 1830hrs to 2100hrs.

While the aim is to have every cadet come in and re-certify on this evening, we are asking the cadets to try and maintain the following time frames:

All Returning Cadets Level two and above with the last names beginning with:

A-F are to report for 1830hrs (completed by 1920hrs)

G-L are to report for 1900hrs (completed by 1950hrs)

M-S are to report for 1930hrs (completed by 2020hrs)

T-Z are to report for 2000hrs (competed by 2050hrs)

While we understand that some cadets will not be able to make the assigned time above due to scheduling conflicts, we will accommodate them arriving for another slot other than above.

New Recruit Marksmanship Training – Part 1 – Theory Classes are currently scheduled for Monday 24 Sept from 1830-2100hrs.   It is mandatory that all level one cadets received this training prior to proceeding to Part 2 Live Fire.

Part 2 – Live Fire Marksmanship Training will be on Thursday 27 Sept in Hauser Hall (Church Basement) from 18:30-21:00hrs

No cadet can participate in Marksmanship Nights until they have either re-certified or completed both parts of the above Recruit Marksmanship Training.

5. BAND MEETING – NEW BAND CADETS - Wed 19 Sep 18 1830-2100hrs

On Wednesday 29 Sept from 18:30- 21:00 is the first open Band Night.   Any cadets who are not currently members of the Band and wish to join the band are encouraged to come out with a parent for a briefing and open discussion with Captain Robinson the band officer on expectations and band regulations.

No cadet can join the band without first receiving a briefing and discussion with a parent present, and a recommendation from the Band Officer to the CO for an appointment to the band.

6. Tagging – Thurs Fri Sat and Sun Sept 27th  28th , 29th and 30th  – Air Cadet Tagging is one of our major fundraisers and will be taking place the last weekend of Sept.   A WARNING ORDER has been published with this WRO. Sign up lists for the cadets and parent drivers have been out since registration and will continue to be out until the Friday of Tagging Weekend.  More information will be provided by the SSC Chair – Kathy Pye over the coming weeks at closing parade.

All Cadets regardless of rank are expected to sign up for two shifts over that weekend.

7. March Break Trip Planning - We can confirm at this time that the squadron is making preparations for a submission for a March Break Trip covering Sunday March 10th to Friday March 15th 2018.   Area and details will be announced at the Squadron Parent AGM on Friday 05 October.  The trip being planned is a favourite of past cadets and it truly is a recreational/educational trip involving aviation / aerospace / confidence building and all along fun.

8. 1st Drill with Arms Team / Sqn Guard and 24hr Vigil Practice – Tues 02 Oct 18:30-21:00

Senior cadets have been asking for it, we have listened, we are moving up the start of the Drill Team with Arms Practices and Team building by over 5 months at the recommendation of past cadets.   On Tuesday 02 October any cadet Cpl and above interested in either trying for a position on the drill team and Squadron Guard as well as practicing and learning rifle drill in prep for the 24 hr Vigil at the Grimsby Cenotaph are encouraged to come out on this evening. More information will be published with the next WRO on 30 Sep.

9. Fall Field Training Exercise Weekend 12-14 October 18 – This FTX is a mandatory requirement for all cadets with respect to their level training.

Attached to this WRO is the Warning Order for the event and a detailed kit list.   Please keep in mind that when you read the kit list, all items listed must be brought with the cadet.

If you are having troubles with the kit list email squadron staff to see it there are alternatives.   A sign up list for the FTX will be out this Friday so that we can ensure we have enough fresh rations on hand for the exercise.

Questions may be directed Capt Boyle, NCO IC – WO2 Shuert or Cadet Sqn Commander WO1 MacKenzie.

10. Supply Uniform Issue New Recruits/ Uniform Exchanges

Cadet Supply is open each and every Friday Night for uniform exchanges.  Ocdt Hannus has been working very hard to do most exchanges prior to our stand up last week.   We know that there are still cadets with outstanding uniform change requests. Please ensure you see Ocdt Hannus on Friday.

New Recruits…please be patient.  Starting this Friday, we will start to issue you all with cadet uniforms.  Ocdt Hannus may elect to open supply on another night to facilitate your obtaining a uniform.   If she does open up on other nights - AN APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED AND ARE BEING ISSUED BY THE SupO ONLY.   THERE ARE 10 SLOTS ONLY EACH DAY and some appointments take two slots. More to follow on Friday Night from Ocdt Hannus.

Message from the Squadron Support Committee

On behalf of the Squadron Support Committee I would like to welcome everyone back to a new season and thank you for your past support we hope everyone had a fantastic summer.  

Items to Remember:

  • REGISTERED CHARITY: Just a reminder that we are a registered charity and if you are currently donating to United Way through your employer, you can request that your portion be directed to 62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron Air Cadets. Thank you to the families that are participating in this donation process, we truly appreciate your financial support.
  • BOTTLE DRIVE/RETURNS: We will continue to collect returnable Beer, Wine and Alcohol bottles should you wish to donate them.  They can be dropped at the squadron on Friday nights. (please have cans counted in clear bags) 100% of these funds go straight back into the program.
  • FALL TAG DAYS: Please set aside September 27th 29th and 30th as volunteer drivers for Fall Tagging.   We cannot do this without your support.  There will be a signup sheet for a.m. and p.m. shifts for each day available once again this Friday Night.     

If you have any questions, please feel free to see one of the SSC Members this coming Friday at the Cadet Hall when you drop off your child.   If you are interested in joining the Squadron Support Committee; I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,

Kathy Pye, Chair

Squadron Support Committee

Up-Coming Events

Wed 12 Sept – Band Stand up – Returning Band members & CTC Band Grads not in band

Fri. 14 Sept – Commanding Officer’s Parade/Medals Presentations

Sat. 15 Sept – 1st Official Scholarship Classes

Sat 15 Sept – 1st Gliding Session for 2017/18

Mon 17 Sept – Range Re-Certification Returning Cadets

Wed 19 Sept – New Band Member meeting

24 Sept – New Recruit and Level One Marksmanship Course

27 Sept – Live Fire – New Recruit Marksmanship Certification.

27- 30 Sept – Air Cadet Tagging Weekend

05 Oct – Annual 62 Sqn Sponsoring Committee Parent AGM

12-14 Oct – Fall Field Training Exercise @ MRCC
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Captain Boyle at boyle.cm@hotmail.com or 289-439-3463 or after 28 Sept, Capt Leonard at leondave@sympatico.ca or 905-945-2893.