RO 01-20

For the 2019-2020 Cadet Training Year

Good Day to the extended 62 Sqn Family,

AS mentioned in WRO 00 – Warning WRO for Training Year 2019/2020; there will be a lot of information to get out to the cadets and their families and we apologise in advance for the length of this WRO and its tardiness….it is truly unavoidable. Squadron Renovations are on-going at this time and will not be completed by the start of the cadet training year. Most of the work is done through “sweat equity” from volunteers and are covering projects such as our HVAC system, new Hot water boiler in the church, new storage areas where old HVAC units once were, among other small projects. The SSC is trying to have the area cleaned for Registration Sept 5,6 and the upcoming Change of Command on Sept 13, but the work is not projected to be completed until near the end of October. Over the next month we will be validating returning cadets and updating the squadron email system. Those who are no longer part of the program will have their emails removed by the end of September. Thank you for your patience while we go through the registration process. WRO Publication – There will be minor changes in the WRO and how it is published. Compilation and validation of content are being attempted on Sat and Sun each week with Capt Robinson’s intent to have the WRO published by the Tuesday of following week. It will cover a two week period. For his part Capt Robinson will take control of the WRO starting this coming Friday 05 Sept. So questions regarding items starting next week can be directed to him and or Lt Vaughan who is responsible for the initial compilation.
RETIREMENT – it is my intent to retire from the Canadian Forces shortly after stepping down as Commanding Officer of 62 Sqn; hopefully by 01 Oct 2019. While discussions are on-going with Area Detachment, as to a retirement date, a period of Excused Training and Duty or moving to the Cadet Instructors Supplemental Service; it is my wish to move to the Sponsoring Committee for a short period to finish a bunch of projects to completed. So I will not be moving far.

Staffing Changes and Announcements – the following changes are happening with staff

  • Major David Leonard – Retiring from Canadian Forces
  • Captain Richard Robinson – Commanding Officer 62 Sqn
  • Captain Christopher Boyle returns to Standards and Officer Development
  • OCdt Kayla Vickers – Has Joined the Regular Forces – Aerospace Control Officer
  • Ocdt Wanda Leonard – is being released from the Canadian Forces
  • CI Lourdes Jimenez-Bosch – is not return this training year….we thank her for her countless efforts over the years
  • OCdt Jennifer Gardner – moving to the post of Administration Officer and Band Officer

There are a few people that paper working is being worked on and new faces which will appear this training year to assist in the training of the cadets.

Lastly, there is a new “TAGGING BOND” being implemented this year by the SSC. Attached is a letter from the Squadron Support Committee Chair as to its implementation and reasons. I encourage you all too please read the attached letter from Kathy Pye. We, the Squadron Support Committee, Squadron Staff and Senior Cadets all hope that all of you are looking forward to a new year as we embark on a new path together.

Welcome Back
Major D.T. Leonard, CD
Commanding Officer

MESSAGE OF THE WEEK Ending Thurs 19 Sept 19

1. Bottle Drive Cancelled on 03 Sept 19
– First I would sincerely like to thank the parent volunteers who offered to assist in the proposed bottle drive for Tues 03 Sept 2019, but unfortunately there were a lot of logistical requirements to be met for it to actually go, and not enough volunteers with appropriate vehicles were available to make this drive a success. We will try once again for Tuesday 15 Oct following Thanksgiving. More details to follow on that drive and volunteer requests to come out in the coming weeks.

2. Supply Exchange Night – Thursday 05 Sept, 2019 – 1830-2130hrs
– Supply will open during the Pre-Registration Night with an open exchange policy. If you need anything changed out which you have grown out of or has been damaged or just plain worn out; cadets attending the Pre-Registration night are encourage to also take advantage of this opportunity. While it is an open exchange policy cadets are encouraged to contact OCdt Hannus via either email at or call/text 905-328-8752 to advise her what it is you need exchanged.

3. Sr. NCO Workshop/Instructor Lesson Assignment – FSgt and above
– Capt Robinson has designated Wed 04 Sept as a Sr. NCO Worshop night for FSgt and above. During this meeting, Sr. NCOs will hear from Capt Robinson, his vision and direction for the squadron will be moving in this coming year, his plans and most important, instructors will be assigned lessons with their input to Lt. Vaughan.

4. Pre-Registration Night – Thursday Sept 5th, 2019- 1800-2100hrs
– With this coming Friday Night being our first official parade night, there will be a lot of activity surrounding the registration of new recruits and returning cadets. With this in mind, like previous years we are providing all returning cadets with the opportunity to come by the MRCC on Thursday 05 Sept to Re-Register for the coming year. The instructions below for Friday will apply for the Thursday. Doors Open for the Thursday Registration at 18:00hrs until 21:00hrs.
If you are a returning cadet and have a sibling joining for the first time, we are requesting all family members will have to wait until Friday to Register. We would encourage all cadets above the rank of FCpl to attend on Thursday, however this is not mandatory. Should you have any questions regarding the pre-registration, please email Major Leonard.

5. FRIDAY PARADE NIGHT – Friday 06 Sep 19
– Welcome Back BBQ / Cadet Registration and Recruit Night
There will be a lot of activity on Friday 06th Sept as we welcome the returning cadets back to the squadron, open our doors to the new recruits, the public at large and enjoy a relaxed evening with the cadets during our Welcome Back BBQ. While the evening is intended to be relaxed and a time to re-acquaint ourselves with our cadet friends, it is also a mandatory parade night for the cadets and attendance is taken. There will be an official closing parade at 2030hrs to end the evening.
 Parking – To the largest extent possible as the parking at the MRCC will be at a premium, we are requesting all Squadron Staff, Support Committee Members and Senior Cadets Level 4 and above to park in the field north of the Church as far back in the grass as possible (take your lead from the Staff vehicles as how far back is acceptable)
 Dress – as in the past; the evenings dress will reflect what you did this summer so that you can be identified as cadets but at the same time help signify what you accomplished this summer as you mingle for the first part of the evening:
o Officers / CIs / CVs and SSC Members – To identify you as staff to the largest extent possible, SSC Members should wear their OPC registration cards on their lanyards, CIs and CVs should wear their Squadron Blue Polo/Golf Shirt and beige pants, all Officers will be in Summer Dress Blues 3B(no tunics) with wedges.
o Cadets – All cadets (exceptions noted below) will be wearing their boots, Blue dress pants, belt, grey socks, wedge and one of the following for a shirt based on what you did this summer:
 Basic Course Cadets – Will wear their Navy Blue T-shirt
 3 & 6 Week Course Cadets – If you have a course t-shirt/sweater/jacket, you may wear that otherwise you will be wearing your Navy Blue T-shirt,
 6 week Survival Instructor Cadets – If you have a full set of Olive Green
Combats which includes a beret you may wear this as your uniform otherwise
you will conform to the 3 & 6 Week Standard
 Summer Staff Cadets – You will be in full summer dress with your blue button shirt and slip-ons and Tie…if you have a staff sweater or Golf shirt, you may wear this in lieu of your shirt.
 PPS/GPS cadets – if you have blue flight Suit, you may wear that with your wedge and boots otherwise you will conform to Summer Staff Cadets but minus the tie and medal wings attached to your shirt, PPS Cadets, you may wear the white shirt and beige pants with Flight Centre items where you received your licence.
 All Cadets who did not go to camp – you will be in summer dress without your rank so blue button shirt only with nametag. If you are a FSgt or above, you are to conform to the Summer Staff Cadet Standard minus tie. Hopefully this is not too confusing and this will be the only night we will permit these dress standards.

 Registration/Validation – Due to issues in getting cadet paperwork back in a timely manner in previous years we will continue with a Re-Registration Night as we did last year. Each cadet will need to bring in one parent at the beginning of the evening to “RE-REGISTER” their cadets. Our plan is to re-register all returning cadets from 1830-1930hrs with new enrolments commencing at 1930hrs. You will also be paying the Assessment Fees as detailed below. You may also want to take advantage of our Thursday Registration that way you can just drop your cadet off on Friday Night. Cadets that are not re-registered/validated by 31 Sept will not be allowed to parade. This is a military standard placed in effect and is being enforced by Central Region Cadets.

We will be enrolling new cadets from the community, so if you know someone, 12-15 yrs old interested in the Air Cadet Program, bring them along.
NOTE: Cadets, not able to attend are to call the Sqn cell phone 289-440-2641 and leave a message as to why
they will not be at cadets

6. Air Cadet Gliding-Familiarization Flying-08 Sept 2019
– 62 Sqn has been designated 40 slots to go gliding for the fall session on this date. This will be the only fall session for gliding. The following cadets have been designated for each session as follows:
AM Session – Fry, Vanderkolk, DeNault, O’Donnell, Lampman A, Bruns, Clitheroe, Campbell-Gerhards, Verrall
L – 11 spots remaining.
Parent Drivers: Lt Vaughan, Ocdt Fry, Mr. Vanderkolk, Mrs.Knapper, Mr. Verrall

PM Session – Lemmen, Weber, Doan A, Doan P, Quirk K, Chorley, Quirk F, Middaugh A, Middaugh
C – 11 spots remaining
Parent Drivers: Ocdt Hannus, CI Hannus, Mr. Lemmen, Mr. Quirk, Mr. Middaugh

Any other cadets interested in participating in Gliding are to email Major Leonard ASAP of your interest is not listed above and if you would like AM or PM Session. A Warning Order will be published to the above cadets early next week.

7. First Scholarship Night / Parent Meeting Monday 09th Sept 19 – 1900-2030hrs
– Attached to the cover email is a letter regarding the Squadron Flying Scholarship Program. There will be a General Scholarship Briefing for all cadets and one parent for those interested in attending this program. It is a mandatory briefing all cadets wanting to participate to explain how we come to which cadets will write the exams as well as validate the number of students we can take. Our first actual scholarship class is tentatively set for Saturday Sept 16th from 0830hrs to 1230hrs. More info in the letter and at the briefing.

8. Canadian Forces Snowbirds Demonstration and Air Show – Wed 11 Sep 2019
In WRO 00 is mentioned this opportunity for the cadets with three ways to participate. On Wed Sept 11 the Niagara Air Group Squadrons will be participating in the St. Catharines Airshow. Air Show Attendance – cadets from each squadron will be provided a special price to attend the Airshow being held at the St. Catharines airport. 62 Sqn will provided transportation to and from the airport on Wed afternoon. Cadets will be responsible for their own dinner from vendors at the show. This is a subsidized trip, where the SSC will cost share with the cadets attending. Cadet will have to miss afternoon classes to attend this event and Dress is C-2B. Cadets interested in attending are to email Major Leonard ASAP but NLT 30 Aug so that logistics can be worked out. DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP EXTENDED TO MONDAY SEPT 2ND 2200HRS. Logistical requirements are still being worked on, however here is the list the squadron has to date:
a) Recruiting Booth Volunteer – Sgt Bruns and a designated Officer/staff member
b) Snowbirds marshalling and assistance – there were 6 cadets who expressed interest in this once in a lifetime opportunity. As mentioned in bullet 12, the Merit list was used to identify the cadet who will participate. Based on the Sqn Merit List; Sgt Quirk Finnegan will represent 62 Sqn. Should Sgt Quirk be unable, then FSgt Clitheroe will replace
c) Air Show Attendance – The following cadets have requested to attend the show as listed below (this includes those who were not selected for the marshalling: Weber, Gillis, Lampman A, Verrall L, Gunn, Quirk F, Lemmen, Nasralla, O’Donnell, Gardner Middaugh C, Chorley, Jankowski Jenn, Riemers, Clitheroe

9. Careers in Aviation Expo West Jet Hangar CANCELLED
– in light that only 3 cadets came forward to participate in this item, unfortunately, it has been decided by staff to CANCEL our involvement in this event. While an excellent opportunity for the cadets, with all that is going on in September, it has been decided to delegate staff resources in support of other activities.

10. Range Recertification – Monday 16th Sept 19
– Each and every year the cadets of the squadron must re-certify on the Daisy Air Rifle even if they do not intend to participate in regular range practices. This recertification takes about 30 min to complete and will take place on Monday Sept 16th from 1830hrs to 2100hrs. We will be providing ideal times for cadets to arrive based on last name in next week’s WRO.

11. Tagging – Thurs Sat and Sun Sept 26th , 28th and 29th
– Air Cadet Tagging is one of our major fundraisers and will be taking place the last weekend of Sept. A WARNING ORDER will be published shortly for this event. Sign up lists for the cadets and parent drivers will be out during registration as well as the weeks of Sept 6th during the Welcome Back BBQ and the following week Sept 13th. All Cadets are expected to sign up for two shifts over that weekend and Thursday….A reminder, the Friday night “Duty Tag” does not count towards your two sessions for tagging. More to follow.

12. Squadron Merit List
– From time to time, the squadron has had need to create a merit list to identify those cadets who most “MERIT” a specific trip or cadet training opportunity when that opportunity was open to the full squadron but limited to a specific number of cadets. The list was only produced on an as required basis. Over the 2018-19 training year, we identified several occasions that should the need have risen, we could have used a merit list to “identify” the cadets who are most deserving for a specific opportunity. As such, after a lengthy discussion, last year the Squadron Merit List was kept at all times based on a 11 month cycle and continues to be a living document where cadets are credited for each and every activity which is open to the whole sqn that they participate in over the course of their cadet career. While we hope to have the full list up to date list published for the BBQ, we will have an updated copy by 01 Oct and will update it at the first of each month so that the cadets are aware of how they are doing. To be clear, merit points will be awarded for activities which are open to the whole squadron, such as Mandatory Parade Nights, Tagging Sessions, Poppy Sales, Optional parades such as Santa Claus and Remembrance Day, Facility Clean ups, FTXs, etc. (any activity the CO sees fit can count) Additional Merit points can be gained by receiving a Green Chit for performance above and beyond what is expected.

Some expected uses for this list this year are Summer Camp Priority Selection, March Break Cadet Selection, Water Park Trip Selection to name a few. More information will be provided to both parents and cadets over the course of the first two months during official briefings.

13. March Break Trip Planning
– We can confirm at this time that the squadron is making preparations for a submission for a March Break Trip covering Saturday March 14th to Thursday March 19th, 2020. The Squadron is intending to travel to the Washington DC area. More information will be provided in the coming weeks with a full parent briefing on the trip at the Squadron SSC AGM on October 11th.

14. Band Practices
– It is the intent of Capt Robinson to reduce band practices to one night a week on Wednesday of each week. See the WRO below for dates and timings. Returning Members, Wed 11 Sept will be really busy for you as you must get up to speed for O Canada, God Save the Queen, a March Past and General Salute

Up-Coming Events
Fri 06 Sept – Welcome Back BBQ/Recruit Night
Sun 08 Sept – Gliding – St Catharines Airport
Mon 9 Sept – Flying Scholarship Parent Meeting
Wed 11 Sept – Band Stand up – Returning Band members & CTC Band Grads not in band
Snowbirds Demonstration at St. Catharines Airport
Fri. 143Sept – Change of Command – Commanding Officer’s Parade/Medals Presentations
Sat. 14 Sept – 1st Official Scholarship Classes
Mon 16 Sept – Range Re-Certification Returning Cadets
Wed 18 Sept – New Band Member meeting – Parent Meeting
Mon 30 Sept – New Recruit and Level One Marksmanship Course
26- 29 Sept – Air Cadet Tagging Weekend
18- 20 Oct – Fall Field Training Exercise @ Chippewa Creek Conservation Area

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 905-945-2893.