RO 00-20

Warning WRO for the Start of the New Cadet Year on Friday 06 September 2019

1. Supply Exchange and Uniform Return Nights
On Thurs 22 Aug and Thurs 29 Aug, supply will be open from 1800hrs to 2100hrs. OCdt Hannus and CI Hannus will be on hand to accept uniform returns from retired and non-returning cadets. It is very important that all retired and non-returning cadets return their uniforms to ensure we have enough stock to kit incoming cadets. Please make every effort possible to return your uniforms on one of these nights. Supply will also be taking appointments from returning cadets for uniform size exchanges.

To make an appointment for uniform exchange or return, please contact OCdt Hannus via call or text at 905-328-8752 or via email at’

2. March Break Trip 2020 – Washington DC
This is an advisory to all cadet families that for this years’ March Break Trip, staff are planning a 5-7 day trip to Washington DC and surrounding area. We are making this advisory early so that cadets who would like to attend can plan to assist in fundraising activities to help their individual case to allow them to go on the trip. Over all finances are being worked on, with a tentative release date of more information on costs and itinerary at the SSC Annual General Meeting in Mid-October.

3. Tentative Squadron Bottle Drive – Tuesday 03 Sept 2019
The Squadron Sponsoring Committee has tentatively set Tuesday 03 Sept as their first fundraising activity were we hopefully will have a bottle drive in Grimsby between 1730 and 2100hrs. As with all bottle drives the amount raised will be split 50/50 with the cadets where 50% of the overall total is equally split amongst those participating in the drive and deposited in to their cadet Virtual Account with the SSC. At this time we are requesting parent participation confirmation!!! We need to verify if we have enough parents to assist in the drive by driving cadets, helping pick up bottles that are collected and bringing the bottles and cadets back to the sorting location at the end of the night. Key drivers are those who are able to participate with trailers, mini-vans, and pick-up trucks.

If you are able to assist in this drive please email Major Leonard and advise him of your ability to assist.

This bottle drive will only go if we have enough participation in Drivers, trailers, mini-vans and pick-up trucks.

4. Sr NCO Workshop/Instructor Lesson Assignment – FSgt and Above
Capt Robinson has designated Wed 04 Sept as a Sr NCO Workshop night for FSgt and above.
During this meeting Sr. NCOs will here from Capt Robinson, his vision and direction the squadron will move this coming year, his plans and most important, instructors will be assigned lessons with their input to Lt. Vaughan. It is requested that all FSgts and above try hard to make this meeting.

5. Canadian Forces Snowbirds Demonstration and Airshow – Wed 11 September 1300-1830hrs
On Wed Sept 11 the Niagara Air Group Squadrons will be participating in the St. Catharines Airshow in three ways:
a) Air Show Attendance – cadets from each squadron will be provided a special price ($5/per cadet) to attend the Airshow being held at the St. Catharines airport. 62 Sqn will provided transportation to and from the airport on Wed afternoon. Cadets will be responsible for their own dinner from vendors at the show. This is a subsidized trip, where the SSC will cost share with the cadets attending. Worst case scenario the cadet cost to attend will be $5 with the SSC picking up transportation…but these details are being worked out with more to follow. Cadet will have to miss afternoon classes to attend this event and Dress is C-2B. Cadets interested in attending are to email Major Leonard ASAP but NLT 30 Aug so that logistics can be worked out.
b) Niagara Air Group Recruiting booth – the NAG is looking for 1-2 cadet volunteers and one Staff member to man the recruiting booth for the duration of the show. As volunteers, your admission is free, but you will be working during this time. Community Service Hours are available the volunteering cadets. Advise Major Leonard if you would like to volunteer for this opportunity
c) Snowbirds Demonstration Cadet Marshall – working with the Snowbirds NCM Technician, 1 cadet from each of the NAG sqns will assist the Snowbirds NCMs in Marshalling the Snowbird jets out for the show and back in to their parking stands. This is a once and a life time opportunity for the selected cadet. If you would like to be considered for this duty, you must have completed level 3 or above. Cadet requesting consideration must act quickly and email Major Leonard NLT Friday 23 Aug by 1800hrs. The name of the cadet must be submitted by 1900hrs.

6. Air Cadet Gliding – Familiarization Flying – Sunday 08 September
On Sunday Sept 8th, 62 Sqn has been assigned 40 slots to go gliding for the fall session. This will be the only gliding opportunity this fall. 20 cadets will go in the AM and 20 Cadets in the PM. If you are interested in participating, please email Major Leonard ASAP but NLT 31 Aug of your interest in going gliding. When responding, please advise which session you would like to attend AM or PM or it does not matter. Also please advise if one of your parents can drive to the St. Catharines or Welland Airport for the session and how many cadets they may be able to transport. (parent drivers is not a requirement for cadet participation but extra consideration is given) A Gliding Warning Order will be distributed on or about 02 Sept to the selected cadets.

7. Careers in Aviation Expo 2019 at WestJet’s B737 Hangar Toronto Airport
On Saturday 21 Sept, Wings Magazine is hosting an Aviation Expo at the WestJet Hangar. There is normally a charge of $45 for attending this expo, however for a selected number of cadets, transportation, Attendance and Lunch are FREE in part by sponsorship from the Squadron Support Committee. This is an all-day event starting at 0900hrs in Toronto, and tickets are limited. If you are interested in attending, you need to advise Major Leonard ASAP so that the applicable registration can occur. By requesting to attend, you are authorizing Major Leonard to include your name, address and contact details in the registration forms. Tickets are very limited…so please get back to me ASAP but NLT Wed 28 Aug. This event is restricted to those entering level 3 and above. The Squadron will try and register as many as we can, but it will be handled by first come-first serve basis. Bus Transportation holds a maximum of 46 personnel, but we suspect only 20 may be accepted.

8. RETURNING OR NOT RETURNING to CADETS for 2019-2020 Training Year
In order for staff to be proactive, we are requesting those cadets who are not returning this coming training year to please advise Major Leonard so that staff can action applicable paperwork, make arrangements with you to have your uniform returned and prepare for the coming year. IF you are making the decision to cease your Air Cadet Membership, please be advised that an exit interview is requested. We all would like to wish those moving on the very best in your future endeavours.


All the items above require a lot of coordination by staff to get off the ground. Please help us help you in letting us know what you are interested in now so that you do not miss an opportunity to participate in what interests you.

WRO 01-20 will be issued early next week with Registration details and further details on training and upcoming events.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Major/Major David Thomas Leonard, CD
Commanding Officer, 62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets
Canadian Armed Forces Tel: (H) 905-945-2893 (C) 416-521-5999 (Sqn) 289-440-2641
Commandant, Escadron 62 “Grimsby Phantom”, Des Cadets de l’Aviation Royale du Canada (ECARC)
Forces Armées Canadiennes Tel: (H) 905-945-2893 (C) 416-521-5999 (Sqn) 289-440-2641